Beauty // December 1, 2014 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; it’s time to break out the Uggs, the peppermint mocha’s, and the, um… dry, itchy skin? Pass! 

Yes ladies, it’s winter time and although we have plenty accessories to help us look like cute little snow bunnies, (or for those of us in Los Angeles maybe just slightly less tan) there’s nothing cute about rockin’ dry patches of skin on our face. Celebrity facialist and skin whisperer Mersedeh Jeihooni knows a thing or two about salvaging our winter-worn skin. A cosmetologist for over 15 years and a medical esthetician that specializes in ethnic skin, Mersedeh is the answer to our skin’s prayers this season.

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“Skin makes sense to me”, she says, and we’re glad someone understands it so they can help a sister out! Check out her winter beauty and skincare tips and make sure your skin is looking good enough to glow this holiday season:

Made Woman: Winter is here and our skin is feeling the climate change BIG TIME. How should we switch up our skin routine to adapt to the seasons?

Mersedeh: Think of your skin as your workout routine; if you do the same workouts day in and day out with no variation, you’re not going to see results. It’s important to mix up our skincare routine so our skin doesn’t get accustomed to any one product or stop responding to the ingredients in the products to where we won’t see change. I suggest swapping out your products every three months or so for the best results.

MW: Wow, that often? Good to know. So how much of our skincare routine should change with the seasons? Right now the sun isn’t shining as bright. Should we still make sure our products have SPF protection?

MJ: Absolutely! Although we aren’t dealing with a summer’s sun, UV rays are still present. In fact, UV rays are actually stronger when it’s overcast outside. To fight UV skin damage, always make sure you’re using a moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF and with an SPF level no less than 30.

MW: Winter skin could be itchy, flaky and dry. What can we do to keep our skin moisturized and hydrated?

MJ: A good facial. I recommend getting a professional facial once a month to asses your skin’s concerns/progress and then doing regular at-home exfoliation three times a week. To combat dryness, the easiest suggestion is to drink tons of water! Try to get a liter of water in three times a day and your skin will thank you later.

MW: Who doesn’t love a good facial scrub? Should we kick our exfoliating routine into overdrive during the cooler months?

MJ: I wouldn’t overdo it with exfoliation - you don’t want to take away too much of your skin. Make sure when you choose an exfoliation product, you choose one with super fine granules or scrubbing beads. The smaller the granules the better for your skin. Also, stick to an exfoliation routine of scrubbing three times a week, preferably exfoliating at night. And follow up your wash routine with a night time product, so that the active ingredients have time to penetrate your skin. 

MW: With winter time comes holiday season and with holiday season comes the time to get glam for holiday parties. What’s some advice you could give to help us keep our skin looking fab for all the holiday face time?

MJ: Never ever, ever sleep in your makeup! That’s the biggest no-no. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. Fish oil supplements do wonders for hydrating the skin, as well. But for that extra holiday sparkle, I tell my celebrity clients to drink peppermint tea to get that glam goddess glow right before they hit the red carpet. 

MW: Say we did party a little too hard at the holiday soiree. What’s a quick way to refresh ourselves to avoid looking haggard?

MJ: For puffy eyes, opt for an eye cream with caffeine. If you’re feeling like you need to cleanse your skin of all the fun from the night before, a quick detox of organic lemons and ground cayenne should do the trick. Boil water and squeeze the juice of the lemons into the water before sprinkling a dash of cayenne pepper into the mixture. Drink this little detox cocktail first thing in the morning after a night of partying. Detox aside, the best advice I could give is to make sure you sleep and get lots of rest.

MW: What are some DIY skin tips we can do at home to deal with winter skin?

MJ: At-home facials are an easy way to DIY winter skincare. Start with a wash and exfoliation (remember small granules!). Then give yourself a face mask. If you have oily or acne prone skin, use a clay mask; for dry skin look for a hydrating mask. After your mask, apply a serum like vitamin C to give skin that extra boost. Last, top it off with an SPF 30 moisturizer or night cream. 

MW: If you could give us a top 5 for winter beauty and skincare advice what would it include? 

MJ: Don’t sleep in your makeup! Don’t use bar soap for washing your body on your face. Our face is much more sensitive than our bodies and bar soap is way too harsh for our face. Clean your makeup brushes often, preferably once a week. Make it easy on yourself and use the same cleanser you use to wash your face to wash your brushes. Don’t self diagnose your skin. See a medical esthetician to learn what works best for your skin type. Don’t become a product junkie. Try on different products from different companies to find what works. Skincare isn’t a one size fits all industry. If you think you have oily skin and you try an oily skin product for a week and it didn’t fix your problem overnight, don’t rule out that product line. Much like our bodies, it takes 21 days for your skin to create a routine, so before you ditch a product for not working, give it a chance.

Great tips! For a personal skin consultation or to book an appointment with Mersedeh to assess your winter skin woes, shoot her an email. Good luck with your skin care routines this season ladies!

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Thursday, 20 March 2014 18:22

Beauty | Skin Care: Bye Bye Blackheads

Beauty // March 24, 2014

There is nothing worse than a face full a blackheads. Yuck. You love your skin and you want it to have a healthy glow at all times. As seasons change, so does your skin and this can wreak havoc on your pores. Luckily, our favorite beauty expert and vlogger sensation, Daisy Jing of, has broken down for us not only how to get rid of blackheads -- but also what causes them. Check out the video below and then say bye-bye to your blackheads! Oh, and you can get more of Daisy and her beauty tips here.

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Business // August 12, 2013

If you’re a young entrepreneur, the first time you open your doors, make a high-stakes deal or put your product on the shelf -- you may encounter a moment of sheer terror. As much confidence as you may have in your big idea, that moment of fear and self doubt can creep up on the best of us. Nicole Baldwin knows how important nerves of steel can be for success. As an US Army veteran, with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan under her belt, she is familiar with the courage it takes to work through fear in order to reach an objective.

You can’t help but find perspective when you are 19, thousands of miles from home and risking your life in service to your country. Nicole’s Army experience made her even more determined to start her own business and create something meaningful out of her life’s work. She worked on a plan right there in the midst of conflict, staying up sometimes until 2 am. She created a vision board for everything she wanted her company to represent, staying focused on her goal despite the turmoil around her. Committed one hundred percent, she came home ready to execute her plan for BIAO Skin Care -- the name, an acronym for Beauty Inside and Out. “The use of the acronym is a hat tip to the Army; they use an acronym for everything in the Army,” she proudly explains.

But why a skincare line? For Nicole, it’s quite personal. When she was a little girl she snuck into her grandma’s kitchen wanting to surprise her with a cup of tea. When she reached up to put the kettle on the stove, the boiling water spilled on her, giving her third degree burns on her face, chest and lips. The scars were devastating to Nicole. Beside the pain she endured, she also had to deal with being teased by other kids. Luckily, her grandma -- a nurse by trade -- had a recipe for an herbal remedy that was known to work like a charm. Her grandmother applied the remedy on Nicole’s burn scars and over time they went away. As she grew up, her family continued to use this formula -- a mixture of vitamins and other herbal plant combinations.

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Nicole learned how to make the formula from her grandma and, after her tour in Iraq, decided to go to school to be an esthetician. “My passion was born from a tragedy that happened to me,” she says. She wanted to help other women get past the trauma of severe scarring using the remedy that worked for her and learn that if you have beauty inside and out, nothing can take that away from you.

To Nicole, BIAO is so much more than a beauty product. It’s her mission to help others who went through what she did and spread the company’s vision that “Beauty is Giving Back.” “It’s a reward that money can’t buy,” she says. All of the products in the line are natural, organic and cruelty free and each ingredient is certified organic by the Natural Product Association. Nicole believes that focus on the details is important to building trust with her customers. “We want to make sure our products do not expose the consumer to unnecessary to biochemicals, genetically modified organisms, biosolids or irradiation.” She speaks confidently of her product, knowing that her face itself is proof of its effectiveness.

And others are catching on, too. She was recently interviewed on and was one of 24 women selected to receive a grant as an Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corps Awardee, for Capital One’s Count Me In initiative. The key moment for her? When BIAO became a finalist in the Happy Beauty International Packaging Awards, after competing with hundreds of other companies including Estee Lauder and Beyonce’s line, Pulse. “That’s when I knew I had something with BIAO. That it could be a success.”

Success is definitely knocking on Nicole’s door. She attributes much of it to attending events and seminars, “as a small business, as an entrepreneur, you have to get out and meet others.” But she also warns up-and-comers to be selective on the tradeshows and events they attend. “Sometimes I felt like they owed me money for attending,” she laughs. She also gives credit to networking with other aspiring women in the cosmetics industry and says that she’s learned a lot from her mentor in her industry.

Since her focus is not just monetary, Nicole has made “world beautification” the company’s mission. One dollar of every product sold goes to Free the Children, an organization that works to empower kids in 45 countries. She is also working with her grandma on a new line of products that can be used to treat burn victims. Her grandma is excited to see her old family remedy bring her granddaughter success, and Nicole is thankful for her grandma’s encouragement. “It’s important to surround yourself with positive people -- people who are going to push you toward your vision,” she relates.

It’s been a long road for Nicole, but she has stuck to her plan for her company with the determination and discipline of a true solider. What she encountered in the battlefield was more than enough training for the high-stakes and fire drills of entrepreneurship. She leaves fear at home and makes the moves necessary to advance her company. Her example as a businesswoman and the bravery she displayed in defense of our country definitely make her a Made Woman.

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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 10:57

Beauty | Made's Must Haves

Beauty // November 8, 2011

Winter has finally decided to arrive in LA (this week at least) and she brings with her much excitement. Can you say “holiday parties??” But with the change in weather comes a much needed change in your stock of beauty supplies. Yes, it's time to retire your summer suntan lotion and stock up on goodies that will keep you looking fresh and fabulous this holiday season.

Skin Care

Have your knee caps and hands become victims of that change in season ashiness? Shortage of moisture in the air during winter months can dry out your skin, which is why the most important thing you need in your beauty regimen right now is...moisturizer. I love Aveeno'’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer ($15.99) because it’'s lightweight but keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated all day. It also comes with a SPF of 15 or 30 and is available with a tint. For all over body care I love Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer ($7.49). These are both products you can purchase at any drugstore or mega, uber Target. #Tooeasy.

If you aren't doing a mask at home once a week you're doing your face a disservice. Try out Aveda's Tourmaline Charged Radiance Mask ($31). It's gentle but deep exfoliation removes dead skin and minimizes pores. This mask is great for adding a glow to your skin when winter weather makes skin look dull.

Make Up

Your color palette may be a bit more muted in the winter but your make up doesn't have to be. Dior's Diorshow mascara ($24.50) can give your lashes a "ready for the runway" look. It adds volume, length and those who have tried it swear by it. Go ahead and throw this one in the bag.

Another tool you'll need is the perfect pencil. I like Lancome's Le Crayon Khol Waterproof Eyeliner with a smudger ($24.50). It glides on smoothly and the smudger tool helps create a sexy smokey eye.

Hair Care

Just like your skin, your hair can get dull and dry during the winter months. If that's the case for you, first off, drink more water. Secondly, add a shine serum to your hair care treatments. I just discovered these and they do so much to help my hair look healthier while protecting it from heat.  I like Joico's K-Pak Protect and Shine Serum because it adds shine and moisture without my weighing hair down.

Adjusting your beauty supplies to suit the season is a must! It's also good to check the expiration dates on your make up and throw out anything old. Taking time out to update your supplies makes staying fresh and fly that much easier.

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