Style // March 4, 2015

We’ve all got big dreams, but I’m guessing we all have rough days or weeks, too, where we’re just not feeling it. For me, those are the days when I take the extra time to really look the part. As soon as I put on that shade of red lipstick or that gorgeous statement necklace, I get the little boost of external confidence that reminds me to show up and make things happen.

In addition to my daily work in PR, I’ve taken on a new side gig as a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel, a fashion and lifestyle brand based in NYC. I am so inspired by this startup because female empowerment and entrepreneurship are essential to Chloe + Isabel's mission, and I know many Made Women – whether you’re selling jewelry to get your feet wet as a business owner, climbing the corporate ladder or thriving as the founder of a non-profit group – can relate.

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Yes, personal style can be empowering. Whether you rock a Chanel suit or a set of diamond studs that you earned on your own, knowing that you look your best can really up your game. Topping off a great outfit with a great piece of jewelry can help create that polished, together look that will add to your credibility.

I’m loving so many of the looks that Chloe + Isabel has designed for spring, and I think any Made Woman can appreciate a good piece (or three! – Hey, we’re worth it) of jewelry. Here are a few of my favorite "power pieces" for the season.

Heritage Blossom Convertible Earrings 

These can be worn two ways. If you need to be more subdued around the office, wear these as a pair of bright, sparkly stud earrings. Convert them by adding the floral drop piece and make a statement at happy hour.

Color Code Teardrop Necklace

Bright and light, this necklace can be paired with a more conservative suit or dress to add personality and fun to an outfit. With this piece, you can show off your personal style and femininity while also commanding attention.

Deco Fanfare Statement Necklace

I love how this necklace is a statement piece, yet also has classic elements with the black resin and crystals to make it work appropriate. Simple and sexy, it shows an edge without being over the top. Bonus: This necklace blends gold and silver to match any other jewelry you’re wearing. This one is great for a networking event!

Palm Royale North South Rings

If you’re looking to catch the eye in a more subtle way, try a bright ring like this one. It gives a great pop of color and glam, yet a single ring on your finger won’t be distracting for anyone who’s speaking with you, or if you’re presenting in front of a group.

Mirabelle statement bracelet

This has a great vintage feel to it, and I love the sparkle of crystals. Tasteful and classy this piece reads “opulence,” and is perfect for those ladies who are a little shy about bright, bold colors and stones. Wear this on an interview!

What are some of your favorite ways to look your best for spring in the office?

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