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Hair Care | A Lazy Girl's Guide To Hair

Hair Care // January 27, 2014

Think about the laziest person you know. I don’t know who popped into your mind, but I immediately thought of myself. When it comes to getting dressed, I wish I had a personal glam squad to help me get ready every morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love how I look when I’m all composed, but I’ll be the first to admit that I am less than thrilled about how much time it takes to transform myself from “Oh, god!” to “beauty goddess.” For me, it’s not doing my makeup that’s the issue-- it is doing my hair. I swear my hair is out to sabotage me and my social schedule. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big event or something as simple as a Girl’s Night In, my hair refuses to cooperate with me on a regular basis. As someone with minimal patience, and a busy schedule, I can't devote a million hours to washing, conditioning, drying, applying product and styling my hair - it just can’t happen. Some days, I need my face, hair and outfit to look decent without having to put out a whole lot of effort. So in an attempt to help out all my lazy girls (mainly myself, Hair Offender #1), here is a list of hairstyles that are the perfect mashup of cute and convenient.

The Ponytail - aka “Old Faithful”

We all love a ponytail. Typically known as the quick fix for a workout session or a bad hair day, this style has taken a fabulous turn into fun and fast hairstyling. The new pony is all about looking full, so spruce up your typical slick pony by adding texture. Fluff up the crown of your head to create volume or section off pieces and twist them around your ponytail for a more bulky effect. When trying to achieve this style, think poofy hair, but not Snookie poofy.

The Top Knot / Messy Bun - aka the “It Only Looks Complicated”

Before this popular look ripped the runways, it was the hidden hairstyle we all rocked at home while washing our face. Well now the secret’s out, and women all over are embracing this trendy, unstructured high chignon. Instead of the typical “grab, wrap and fluff” technique typically used, add a french braid to the back of your head to show a lil effort and showcase a lot of style.

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The Loose Braid - aka “ Pippi Chic Stockings”

Braids aren’t just for elementary school children, and they definitely don’t have to look like they are. Take a grown-up adaptation on this classic by side sweeping your hair to one side before taking 3 strands and liberally braiding them together. Try to keep the illusion of a pigtail without having the definition (the more strands that don’t make the braid, the better). Not really a braided lady in the streets? No worries; tightly braid your hair at night and undo them in the morning for relaxed waves before you go on your way.

Accessories - aka “The Lazy Girl Sidekick”

When all else fails, lazy girls know to grab a hair accessory, throw it on and keep it pushin’. If your hair isn’t giving you problems and you just want to jazz up your ‘do, opt for an ornate headband that can turn even the most basic of hair days into a fancy affair. For semi cooperative hair, throw a bandana to an updo and go for a 50’s inspired style. For completely disobedient hair days, go for a hat, beanie or headwrap that fits your personality.

So there you have it ladies, a goof proof guide to hair styling that can fool people into thinking we actually have time to do our hair. What are some of your favorite lazy girl hairstyles?

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Monday, 19 November 2012 09:14

Style | Accessories for the Office

Office Accessories // November 19, 2012

You already know how to coordinate your outfits to look like a power player, but what about your accessories? Focusing on the details can do a lot to complete the picture of a self-assured, capable business woman. Whether you’re climbing your way up the corporate ladder or hustling your way to the top as an entrepreneur, it’s important to look the part. Here are some items that can help you do just that:

Statement necklace

Don’t go unnoticed. Make a statement with a bold necklace like this one from Aldo. Made of metal but woven together in a braided design, the “Frigold” is a sure attention-getter. At only $18.00, it’s a steal!

Here’s another option for a statement necklace. While simple in design, this “Capri” necklace by True Birds draws the eye. Wear it with a button up blouse and a skirt and show them who means business.


I love catching a glimpse of sparkly studs. Tiny in size but big on classic style, these “Lubine” studs from Aldo are just plain cute. Add them to any outfit as a way to show off your style in a subtle way.

The Purse

This “East End” purse from JustFab is definitely a bag for a busy power player. The black faux leather, gold zippers and hardware demand attention. And the snakeskin pockets on the outside offer extra space for organization. The rich, deep blue lining on the inside also add to the expensive feel of this bag. But it’s actually a bargain at only $39.95, and no businesswoman should turn down a bargain!


Like a little color? How about these bangles by Vince Camuto? Bold but sleek, they will brighten up any outfit for $78.00. Not ready to commit to so much bang in your bangles? You can opt for a smaller set for only $48.00.

Subtle and chic or big and bold, don’t forget the details when planning your next outfit for the office!

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Saturday, 16 June 2012 18:01

Style | Get The Look: Beach Chic

June 18, 2012

If you’re anything like me, finding an outfit for the beach can be a pain. I want to look cute but I also need to be comfortable and wearing something I can get a little sandy. I don’t want to be too dressed up and not be beach appropriate. We have all seen the girls on the sand in stilettos… a major NO.  So I keep these essentials in my closet. They are perfect for the sun, the sand and looking chic.

A Breezy Tunic Cover-up

Tunics are my favorite cover-up for the beach because they transition perfectly from a “cute beach bar outfit” to the perfect “walking on the beach outfit.” Also they can be so light that even the long sleeves feel cool. This Michael Kors Tunic is lovely and bright in blue.

A Chiffon Maxi Skirt

As much as I love heading to the water in a cute pair of cut off shorts sometimes I want to feel girly and feminine. A chiffon maxi is ideal for the beach because it’s sheer, light enough to blow in the wind and makes a huge style impact without feeling like you are dressing up. American Apparel has the perfect style in multiple colors. I love the lighter shades. 

Woven Bracelets

Wearing expensive jewelry to the beach is a huge mistake. There are so many places for it to get lost and you don’t want to spend your entire day worried about your diamond studs falling out. That’s why I love woven bracelets. You can get cute ones for very cheap and they look so stylish piled on your arm.  Also if you lose one in the ocean its no big deal!

A Large Floppy Hat

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is relax with a good book. Sometimes that can be difficult to do with the sun beaming down onto your face. Big floppy hats are a great way to shade yourself and look amazing. Channel your inner diva and try this J Crew hat on your next trip to the beach!

Round Sunglasses

When out in the sun I like to wear sunglasses that cover a large portion of my face. That way I get more protection from the sun and I can see better without squinting (preventing wrinkles!) These Banana Republic glasses are a personal favorite

A Straw Bag

The best way to carry all of your beach essentials and still look stylish is to have a big straw tote.  They hold a lot and will go with any beach appropriate outfit.  I fell in love with this Nautical bag by Straw Studios.

With these pieces you will have no problem finding a quick and stylish outfit for a trip to the beach! For advice on what to pack inside your cute tote check out Beach Basket Essentials. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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Monday, 21 May 2012 08:56

Style | Summer Jewelry Trends

May 21, 2012 

Less is usually more when it comes to getting dressed in the summertime. We get to shed our layers and opt for breezy skirts and cut off shorts. But what about jewelry? Should you keep that to a minimum as well? I say treat summer as you would any other season and don’t be afraid to add jewelry to that maxi dress or even that swimsuit cover-up. Adding even one unique piece of jewelry is sure to turn up the heat on your look. Here’s what’s trending for Summer 2012:

Color, Color Everywhere...

Bold splashes of color are such a popular fashion trend right now, and there’s no better season than summer to embrace it. The pops of color in these pieces will add pizzazz to any outfit.

This Adia Kibur necklace has bright neon colors wrapped up in a chain, making a colorful but edgy statement for $84.


I love this Lano Bia bracelet! It’s easy to wear and light (it’s made of waxed cord), $72. 


If you have a bit more money to throw around, I recommend investing in a quality jewelry piece from the ever-funky Dannijo. The Ines necklace is colorful, yet understated and sells for $326. 


I’m On A Boat

Summer is the ideal season to embrace the nautical trend, since it is all about spending time on the water.

This cuff adds some bling to the trend. The ropes and Navy blue resemble the stripes synonymous with this style. If you want to go even bolder, the Noir Highlight Bracelet also comes in neon yellow, $106.


This bracelet combines two trends in one: color with a nautical knot. Noir Shaka Neon Bracelet, $143.


The sailor’s knot has an iconic design all on its own. Kate Spade has a cute collection of these simple knots on everything from hoop earrings to bangles to necklaces. This dainty ring is only $48 and can be mixed with any outfit or other jewelry piece. 


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What would the nautical trend be without an anchor? These Gorjana studs say it all, and for only $35.


Buddy Bracelets 

Growing up, we all wanted a bestie to share the other half of our heart-shaped BFF necklace with. (I know you remember those!) And as cool as we thought those were at the time, this trend is much cooler and at long last, contemporary! These simple “Friendship” strands come in a variety of colors to be layered or traded with your best mate.

This Madewell Friendship Necklace is simple yet eye-catching with a neon hue, $29.50. 


These Ettika bracelets range in price and offer wearers (and their friends) a variety of choice. Buy singles or buy a stack. Choose ones with lots of color and crystals or ones with charms.  


Being a huge fan of handmade jewelry, I love Sly Raven’s take on the Friendship trend. Her pieces are colorful, simple, stackable, and are handwoven or macramé originals. 


Go Bold!  Tribal-Inspired Pieces

Fashion designer Nikki Lund knew what she was talking about when she said she was looking forward to the bold prints and colors that characterize the tribal craze for summer. 

Vanessa Mooney’s Fly Girl earrings are definitely fly at only $40.


This House of Harlow Cushion Cocktail ring looks like it could be vintage or really pricey, but it’s neither. At $65, you can afford to stay on trend. 


The Kayah Necklace by Bluma Project is handcrafted by artisans in Ghana. The best part is cotton is among its mix of materials, meaning this necklace is light and airy for summer wearing, $75. 


If you’re a minimalist or jewelry is not your thing, consider purchasing one of the daintier options above or try wearing a single bracelet or necklace instead of layering them up. If your wardrobe contains a lot of classics or basics, invest in one piece of trendy jewelry to carry you through the summer. Mix it up and have fun. After all, accessories are way cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe. Let us know what you find!

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Monday, 23 April 2012 15:34

Style | Hot Accessories for Spring!

April 23, 2012 

Spring and summer are always my favorite seasons when it comes to accessories. I think it’s the warm weather and the lack of clothing that make the choice of a hat or a cool pair of sunglasses so much more noticeable and appealing. I also think the rise in temperature is a perfect time to be a bit more daring in your style choices and pick pieces that really show off your personality.

Accessories for 2012 are all about bright colors, comfortable classics and bold statements….some maybe even mixed together into one ensemble. Here are a few must-haves. BONUS: they are all super affordable!

A colorful scarf/wrap-  J-Crew $49.50

Who says scarves are just for the winter??  By choosing one in a bright color and a breezy fabric, they are a perfect way to add a bit of pop to an outfit. Try pairing one with all white look for something classy enough for work but playful enough for lunch with friends.  Click here.

A Classic Fedora- Urban Outfitters $24.00

If you only have one hat in your closet make it this one! It’s perfect for a day at the beach or for those days where you don’t want to fuss with your hair. Not only is it classic and chic it also shades your face from the sun!  Get it here.

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A Bold clutch- ASOS $32.72

A simple clutch in a bold neon or sherbet color is perfect for a night out! Not only does it catch people’s attention but it also helps with transitioning those cool weather fabrics and colors into outfits you can wear all year long.  No more waiting until next year to wear your long sleeve black mini!  Here it is.

Aviators- Ray Ban $195.00

If there ever was an accessory that can pair with anything, it’s the aviator. Neutral enough to wear with classic pieces, edgy enough to pair with a leather jacket and simple enough for a day of site seeing or while laying on the beach. Wear with jean shorts, a flowy tank and some sandals for effortless chic!  Click here!

Tribal Necklace - Nordstrom $88.00

Tribal designs are really hot in 2012 and I must say that it’s a trend I hope sticks around. They make great statement pieces and can take a solid plain tee into high fashion territory.  I would be careful though, one piece is usually enough to look great, while too much can look like you’re early for Halloween!  Get it here.

A Colorful Watch- Anne Klein $55.00

Watches are one of my favorite ways to add color to an outfit. They are slightly unexpected and are almost always appropriate. The one shown here combines a great nautical look with a bright orange. Pair with boyfriend jeans, flats and a white tee for a weekend outfit people will covet.  Snag this one here.

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