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Beauty | Best Haircuts for Your Face Shape

Written by Lindsey Elise
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Beauty // December 17, 2012

You know that feeling you get when you first leave the salon after a great haircut? The one where you want to run into everyone you know (especially exes) or maybe go out on the town and show it off? I bet you also know the feeling of walking out with a bad haircut as well, huh? Where you want to go buy Target’s entire selection of hats or maybe call in sick for a month? Well, if you want to avoid ever having that bad feeling again you should stick to cuts that flatter your face. By basing your cut on your face shape you can find what works best for you. Here is some celebrity style inspiration to help you figure out which is the best style for your face shape:

Round Faces

For a round face you want to find a style that elongates and slims. A simple mid-length bob with little volume is perfect. Also, a piecey pixie cut brings focus to your eyes and cheekbones. Ginnifer Goodwin wears this look perfectly.

Round Faces

If you want longer hair, long layers below the chin and wispy bangs elongate the face and add flattering angels. Zooey Deschanel shows a great way to style bangs to make your face look longer and more lean.

Quick Tip: Avoid center parts; they tend to emphasize a full forehead.

Square Faces

For a square face it’s best to find styles that downplay the sharp angles of the jawline. Long and straight hair with feathered bangs and light layers soften square angles. Beachy waves add depth and will bring focus to the layers and not to the jaw line. This look worn by Lea Michelle softens her sharp angles.

Quick Tip: Avoid heavy bangs that accentuate the square shape.

Oval Faces

For an oval face you want to find a style that draws attention away from the long jawline. Center parts with curved bangs shorten the length of the face and the curve of the bang brings focus to the eyes. Just look at how the deep blue of Liv Tylers eyes are brought out by the cut.

Oval Faces

Or maybe try a shaggy bob like Emily Blunt which looks great on longer faces.

Quick Tip: Avoid lots of layers because they will overpower natural angles and make the face look long.

Heart-Shaped Faces

For a heart-shaped face you want to focus attention downward, away from a full forehead. A chin length bob like with blunt bangs does this perfectly. Christina Ricci shows us exactly how it’s done.

Heart Shaped Faces

Also, deep, low volume side parts like the one seen here on Reese Witherspoon accentuate the cheekbones without making the look feel too top-heavy.

Quick Tip: Avoid any style that brings the focus to a bare forehead such as a center part or harsh, choppy layers.

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