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Fashion | The Do's and Don'ts of Accessorizing

Style // November 20, 2013

Accessories provide a pop of trendy style to liven up and complete an outfit. This season’s fashions accommodate a wide range of style preferences, borrowing from popular looks of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. When it comes to hemlines and heel heights, anything goes, offering versatility to compliment everyone’s style. Despite such freedom of expression from the wardrobe, however, there are still some guidelines to consider. Heeding the following do's and don’ts when choosing the right accessories will enable one to embellish an ensemble with confidence.

The following four do's will ensure a look that makes the fashion scene this season.

1. Do add some of the beautiful Meredith Frederick bracelets to adorn your wrist. Bracelets are all the rage, and these bracelets provide a touch of elegant bling with colorful gemstones and metallic beads.

2. Do add a splash of bright color to neutral outfits. Bold hues continue to corner the market when it comes to handbags and other accessories. Choose turquoise, red, fuchsia or emerald to liven up this season’s trending shades of grey.

3. Do buckle up with an attractive belt to enhance tunic sweaters and cardigans. Choose from skinny belts in fashionable colors, belts with grommets or beads and belts with ornate buckles.

4. Do dress up plunging necklines with a scarf. Fashion scarves wrapped and tied attractively add a textural dimension and embellish tops as well as winter coats.

The following four don’ts will eliminate some stress and prevent some unattractive decisions.

1. Don’t fret about a bad hair day. Put a hat on instead. This season’s hats are all about taking it from the top and adding an article of headwear to compliment an outfit. Additionally, as the season’s cooling temperatures creep in, a coat no longer needs to conceal an ensemble completely. From brightly colored knit caps to funky fedoras and trilbies, a carefully chosen hat simultaneously offers a hint to the outfit underneath and accessories the winter outerwear.

2. Don’t mix patterns. Too many patterns worn at once is dizzying to the eye. A variety of patterns are gracing the boutique shelves this season, from animal prints to plaid. When choosing a handbag or scarf to wear with a leopard print sweater, don’t overdo the leopard and leave the beloved plaid in the closet. Opt for a solid hue instead. Save the plaid and striped accessories for pairing with solid colored apparel for a touch of zip.

3. Don’t worry about whether or not a favorite pair of boots is still in style. Boots that span every length, heel height and color dominate this year’s shoe shop displays. Whether one craves high-heeled fashion boots in every color, loves the flat suede slouch boots of the ‘80s, feels at home in a pair of riding boots or gravitates toward ankle boots all season long, the only rule when shopping for boots this year is to select whatever looks and feels right when those boots start walking.

4. Don’t pile on the hardware. A little bling to energize an overall look is one thing, but piling on the bangles and necklace chains until the boss hears an employee coming from the opposite wing of the building is overkill. Accessories should make a statement. When too many different bracelets are worn to cover an entire forearm, the statement is lost on the eye that only notices a jumbled mess instead of the attractive beauty of two or three individual pieces.

Sweaters, tops, dresses, skirts, pants and coats all provide the backdrop. To make the backdrop come alive, the right accessories must complement, not compete with, the color, pattern and style of the apparel. The finishing touch of accessories that pair attractively with the outfit will ensure an ensemble that looks complete and that exudes confidence and style.

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