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Made Men Speak: What We Really Want for Vday

Dating // February 3, 2015

The Valentine's Day holiday is set up to be all about the ladies. From mushy cards to sappy movies, the whole marketing plan for Vday is "hit 'em hard with the emotion." Although the holiday is more for women, we can't completely neglect the guys. What about what men want? Do they really enjoy those romantic dinners or are they just going along with the plan so they can get that obligatory Vday sex that comes later? And what about gifts? Is it a big deal to exchange gifts or nah? We polled a few Made Men to see what they really thought about Valentine's Day and what they really wanted on this universal day of romance.

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What Is A Perfect Valentine's Day To You?

"A perfect Valentine's Day would be a fun day of doing things with someone that you've never done before. A shared experience that kinda lasts forever because we've both never done it before. So whether that's starting off making a breakfast food that you've never had before to later doing an activity that you've never done before....the memory also gives each person the opportunity to be creative and fun and hopefully rekindle a flame and create longer lasting one." - Mike, 30 

"Staying at home cooking together...and making a sex tape." - Zeke, 26

"Dinner close to a beach then a long walk listening to the waves crash. Followed by dancing." - Lamar, 27

"To go somewhere dressed up; maybe a concert and dinner. You and your girl looking your best... No kids, just two people. Kind of getting to know each other all over again." - Xavier, 30

"I'm an easy one. Home cooked dinner and some quiet time. I'd be a happy guy." - Keith, 32

What Do you Want For Valentine's Day?

"For my lady to have a peaceful, stress free day. She's a working mother so I just want her to have a day of peace!" - Elliot, 31 

"I have a lot of late nights and early mornings. I'd love a french press coffee machine for Valentine's Day!" - Rick, 28

"I'm not a big Valentine's day person. I don't really expect anything. Maybe a pair of sneakers?" - Scott, 29

"To spend time with someone who cares about me as much as I care about them." - Shamar, 31

"Men are pretty simple. Tickets to a game is always a good idea. Or something simple like a sexy outfit in the bedroom." - Michael, 31

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Saturday, 04 October 2014 15:22

Fashion | Fall Fashion Ideas For Made Men

Fashion // October 13, 2014

Autumn is my favorite season as a fashion designer and stylist for two reasons. For starters, it's not that hot on the West Coast and not too cold yet for you East Coasters. Second, you can wear a mix of casual summer pieces and winter styles and not look awkward. Running my own clothing line Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing means that I must stay on top of the latest trends. I’m just back to LA from fashion events in Las Vegas and New York so, in the interests of helping out all the Made Men out there, I’ll share the top five style tips gentlemen should have this season. 

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The Dress Boot

This is a style trend that ladies have used for years but through GQ, Esquire and all the other gentleman mags the dress boot has become more acceptable for men in the professional world. Hugo Boss, Allen Edmonds, and John Varvatos do a great dress boot, but you can find a bunch of comparable options.

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Quite frankly the skinny tie is becoming the norm and a tie is always appropriate in corporate America. But if you really want to showcase your style opt for a scarf. Ditch the tie but accent your suits and shirts with cashmere, silk and wool scarves instead. A bit of unexpected flair is sure to turn heads.


Burgundy is a color that we in the fashion world have been exploring for a while now and it seems like it is here to stay. It adds some color when you wear ties, hats and accessories but you can also wear it this season in large pieces like suits and overcoats. It’s a bold statement but definitely can be pulled of by a confident gentleman in the fall.

Layer your style.

This is not a new trend for the season but many gents just forget about it. Rather than keeping it casual on a date, rock an overcoat or a vest. Going somewhere fancy? Go for it with a three piece suit that will show how polished and grown up you are. Put in some effort to your wardrobe and layer your style this season.

Drop-crotch sweat pants

Drop-crotch has been a stylish buzzword the past few seasons and it’s definitely a cool edition to your casual wear. This is not your first date outfit, but it works for your quick run to the mall, the market or your Saturday brunch date. Add some cool sneakers, a nice T-shirt and beanie to the drop-crotch sweats and she’ll think that you stay fresh for every occasion.

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Monday, 21 October 2013 01:29

Fashion | Men's Fall Fashion Guide

Fashion // October 21, 2013

Fall is here, and fashionable guys know that the cooler temperatures of autumn give them the opportunity to add on the layers and textures that show off their sense of style. We wanted to put together a small preview of what’s hot in men’s fashion right now. Here are the items that every made man should have in his closet this fall.

The Fall Suit

The tailored navy blue suit is a staple item for fall fashion. Black, navy blue and charcoal gray are the tried-and-true fall suit colors. But as many guys are embracing more color in their look, expect to see this classic professional look in new hues - like this suit by Moods of Norway in violet blue.

Colored Cords

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t wear color. Colored cords like these from The West is Dead are a great way to shake things up a bit.

Statement Scarf

This year, the bigger the scarf the better.  Oversized scarves like the one above from Theory are gracing the pages of men’s fashion catalogues everywhere.

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Shoes: Brown Wingtip Boots

For shoes, brown is the color of choice.  Brown Oxfords or wingtip boots have a better chance of complimenting the color in your fall wardrobe than the traditional black.

Brown is replacing black as the color of choice to complete the authentic fall look.  Wingtip boots, like these Andrew 2 Boot by J Shoes, are a fresh new combination of the classic winter work boot and the traditional low-heeled brogue.

Baseball Jackets

Baseball jackets are a nice comfortable choice when it’s time to dress down a bit. This casual yet versatile look has been a preferred choice in retail this year. The one pictured above is by Olivia Spencer.

Heavy Wool Sweater

For warmth on a brisk evening, a wool sweater like this one by Superdry never disappoints.  This wool sweater with a shawl collar is a stylish alternative to a bulky winter coat.

The Wool Knit Tie

The retro inspired knit wool tie is reemerging as a men’s favorite.  Not only for hipsters, this is the perfect tie for the not-so-corporate guy who means business. This one is by Hugo B.

Designer Black Sneakers

For the men who want to combine style and comfort, designer athletics like Yves Saint Laurent Court Classic High Top are the perfect choice.  These sporty kicks will be hitting the streets in new fall colors.

Slouch Hat

The “slouchy” can be spotted at late breakfast meetings on Melrose in LA and in Soho in New York.  This skypiece is the hat of choice for low-profile outings.

Tailored Winter Coat

There’s nothing better than tailored clothes that fit you well.  To create a more polished, well put together look, many men are exchanging the traditional peacoat for a sharper, more form-fitted look.

Mr. Nice Watch

Wristwear is an accessory that fashionable men use to experiment. Though puzzling on the surface, watches like these turn timepieces to instant conversation pieces.

Leather Weekender

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great bag is worth a weekend vacation.  Well traveled gentleman can be identified by a handsome weekender duffle like this one from Ugg.

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