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Fashion | Best Lingerie For Your Shape

Style // November 4, 2013

It can be a dainty lace bra or a sultry black slip. Whether we call them undies, nighties or intimates, we're all talking about the same thing … lingerie. Even though the garments are created to make us to feel flirty or naughty and oozing with sex appeal, women's bodies carry different issues, and somehow, we allow that little voice in our head to sabotage our sexy. We look in the mirror and think, “That’s way too big” or “Why aren’t those bigger?” We can’t all look like a Victoria Secret model, but with the correct fit and the right attitude, we can gain enough confidence to put even the most admirable of supermodels to shame. Here is a list of tips to help you find the right lingerie for your body type:

Apple Shape

If you have an apple shape, you tend to be more broad at the top and your bust and shoulders are more wide than than the rest of your torso. Try accentuating your top half and drawing the eye away from the center of your body. Show off that bountiful bust line with something low-cut or strapless, and then divert the eye to the hip line with a low-rise panty. Babydolls are the perfect look for apple shapes as the bottom fabric drapes perfectly cover the midsection and the top is tailored to show just the right amount of skin and feature "the girls".

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Pear Shape

For pear shaped ladies, the upper body tends to be more lean, before widening below the waist to create a more full lower body.The hips don't lie for a pear-shaped girl, but that doesn't mean you have to hide them! Elongate that waist to create more balance and to look less bottom heavy. Try a two piece garter belt set that falls over the hip line and creates super sexy curves before connecting the sultry ensemble with a garter. Play up your hips with a simple panty, and you're on your way to SexyTown.

Rectangle Shape

If you have a rectangle shape aka athletic built with straight lines, step away from the sports bra! Break up a simple silhouette by playing up the bust and shoulders. Choose a balconette or padded bra that enhances cleavage to help feminize your figure or a ruffled boy short to make the bottom appear more round.  Looking for more options in the curves department? Cinch that waist with a corset to create proportion, or opt for a tight fitting chemise to showcase those toned legs.

Hourglass Shape

Ok, Beyonce … what can't you pull off? "If you got it, flaunt it" is the motto for an hourglass girl. Form fitting teddies or chemises accentuate your natural body contour. Go glam with retro pin-up inspired lingerie created with the curvaceous in mind or show off that bootylicious back side with a lace boy-short. With an hourglass figure, take precaution ... *DANGER*, curves are ahead!

Even though each body type has its own hits and misses, there are some universal flattering tips that any shape can incorporate:

  • Get sized for a bra. An ill fitting bra is just as uncomfortable to wear as it is to look at. Head to your nearest department store for a proper bra assessment before going lingerie looting.
  • Choose darker colors for a slimming effect. Looking to hide a few pounds? Pick darker colors for the illusion of a slimmer shape.
  • Wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you. Lingerie is supposed to ENHANCE our sex appeal, not create it. Let your self confidence lead the way and let the lingerie be the cherry on top of an already fabulous personality.

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