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Fashion | Fall Fashion Ideas For Made Men

Fashion // October 13, 2014

Autumn is my favorite season as a fashion designer and stylist for two reasons. For starters, it's not that hot on the West Coast and not too cold yet for you East Coasters. Second, you can wear a mix of casual summer pieces and winter styles and not look awkward. Running my own clothing line Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing means that I must stay on top of the latest trends. I’m just back to LA from fashion events in Las Vegas and New York so, in the interests of helping out all the Made Men out there, I’ll share the top five style tips gentlemen should have this season. 

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The Dress Boot

This is a style trend that ladies have used for years but through GQ, Esquire and all the other gentleman mags the dress boot has become more acceptable for men in the professional world. Hugo Boss, Allen Edmonds, and John Varvatos do a great dress boot, but you can find a bunch of comparable options.

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Quite frankly the skinny tie is becoming the norm and a tie is always appropriate in corporate America. But if you really want to showcase your style opt for a scarf. Ditch the tie but accent your suits and shirts with cashmere, silk and wool scarves instead. A bit of unexpected flair is sure to turn heads.


Burgundy is a color that we in the fashion world have been exploring for a while now and it seems like it is here to stay. It adds some color when you wear ties, hats and accessories but you can also wear it this season in large pieces like suits and overcoats. It’s a bold statement but definitely can be pulled of by a confident gentleman in the fall.

Layer your style.

This is not a new trend for the season but many gents just forget about it. Rather than keeping it casual on a date, rock an overcoat or a vest. Going somewhere fancy? Go for it with a three piece suit that will show how polished and grown up you are. Put in some effort to your wardrobe and layer your style this season.

Drop-crotch sweat pants

Drop-crotch has been a stylish buzzword the past few seasons and it’s definitely a cool edition to your casual wear. This is not your first date outfit, but it works for your quick run to the mall, the market or your Saturday brunch date. Add some cool sneakers, a nice T-shirt and beanie to the drop-crotch sweats and she’ll think that you stay fresh for every occasion.

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Monday, 19 December 2011 08:23

Dating | Open Letter to Men With No Game

December 19, 2011

Dear Guy Who Could Use Some Help Pullin’ The Ladies,

I’m writing this letter to you to help you out. You’ve probably got all the qualities a woman wants: good job, passable personal hygiene, education; but you can’t get the girl you REALLY want to give up the digits AND go on a date with you. Cue violins.... Listen, before you go crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry's tonight (wait, do guys do that?) why don't you take some tips straight from the source: A Woman.  Hey,'re welcome.

1) Before you stand in front of the mirror and repeat 10 clever, different ways to say, "Would you like to accompany me to a movie, Susan?", realize that rehearsing makes you sound awkward and ...wait for it...rehearsed.  Let asking the woman out or asking for her number come out of your mouth naturally. You will put the lucky girl at ease just by being relaxed and casual.

2) When you ask her to hang out, propose something fun and that will show her who you really are. Be creative. Do you know how many times a woman gets asked to go to dinner and a movie? A lot of times. It's fun and all--but you will pleasantly surprise your lady friend if you suggest something that she hasn't heard so many times before. Try thinking of fun activities that allow you both to laugh at yourselves, like ice skating or roller skating.  Get a girl to laugh and you've instantly earned points, my friend.

3) Although we here at Made Woman Magazine don’t advocate game playing, we DO advocate you not acting like you have not been on a date since 2004. Don’t blow her phone up, text her constantly, or answer every phone call immediately. Contrary to what you may think, women do enjoy a small challenge here and there. Furthermore, the thought of you not always being  available enhances your appeal. She will start to wonder what you’re up to, and at the very least, you WILL be on her mind.
4) Be comfortable with who you are as a person. Confidence is KEY. Sure it’s cliché but it’s true. If you don't believe you're a catch, how can you expect anyone else to?  Men overestimate the power of true self confidence, often mistaking it for arrogance.  Don't get us wrong - there IS a difference.  Cocky ain't cute, but a Made Woman does want the man on her arm to act like he belongs there.  There is nothing sexier than a man who knows who he is and isn’t trying to appeal to what he “thinks” women want.


A Made Woman That’s Waiting for a Man Like You To Holla!

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