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Fashion | Men's Fall Fashion Guide

Fashion // October 21, 2013

Fall is here, and fashionable guys know that the cooler temperatures of autumn give them the opportunity to add on the layers and textures that show off their sense of style. We wanted to put together a small preview of what’s hot in men’s fashion right now. Here are the items that every made man should have in his closet this fall.

The Fall Suit

The tailored navy blue suit is a staple item for fall fashion. Black, navy blue and charcoal gray are the tried-and-true fall suit colors. But as many guys are embracing more color in their look, expect to see this classic professional look in new hues - like this suit by Moods of Norway in violet blue.

Colored Cords

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t wear color. Colored cords like these from The West is Dead are a great way to shake things up a bit.

Statement Scarf

This year, the bigger the scarf the better.  Oversized scarves like the one above from Theory are gracing the pages of men’s fashion catalogues everywhere.

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Shoes: Brown Wingtip Boots

For shoes, brown is the color of choice.  Brown Oxfords or wingtip boots have a better chance of complimenting the color in your fall wardrobe than the traditional black.

Brown is replacing black as the color of choice to complete the authentic fall look.  Wingtip boots, like these Andrew 2 Boot by J Shoes, are a fresh new combination of the classic winter work boot and the traditional low-heeled brogue.

Baseball Jackets

Baseball jackets are a nice comfortable choice when it’s time to dress down a bit. This casual yet versatile look has been a preferred choice in retail this year. The one pictured above is by Olivia Spencer.

Heavy Wool Sweater

For warmth on a brisk evening, a wool sweater like this one by Superdry never disappoints.  This wool sweater with a shawl collar is a stylish alternative to a bulky winter coat.

The Wool Knit Tie

The retro inspired knit wool tie is reemerging as a men’s favorite.  Not only for hipsters, this is the perfect tie for the not-so-corporate guy who means business. This one is by Hugo B.

Designer Black Sneakers

For the men who want to combine style and comfort, designer athletics like Yves Saint Laurent Court Classic High Top are the perfect choice.  These sporty kicks will be hitting the streets in new fall colors.

Slouch Hat

The “slouchy” can be spotted at late breakfast meetings on Melrose in LA and in Soho in New York.  This skypiece is the hat of choice for low-profile outings.

Tailored Winter Coat

There’s nothing better than tailored clothes that fit you well.  To create a more polished, well put together look, many men are exchanging the traditional peacoat for a sharper, more form-fitted look.

Mr. Nice Watch

Wristwear is an accessory that fashionable men use to experiment. Though puzzling on the surface, watches like these turn timepieces to instant conversation pieces.

Leather Weekender

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great bag is worth a weekend vacation.  Well traveled gentleman can be identified by a handsome weekender duffle like this one from Ugg.

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May 21, 2012 

With neon as the hottest trend for the Spring/Summer 2012 season, fashion these days has become blindingly bright. This look from the 80’s has been revitalized in 2012. While everyone has taken on this look--on television, at fashion week, celebrities and maybe even on the office fashionista—it’s not always the easiest to rock. What goes with neon purple?? No need to worry, here are a few ideas to have you looking fabulous in neon...without looking like a box of crayons.


The easiest way to wear neon is to add a bright accent piece to your outfit. Try adding a neon belt, bag, shoes or jewelry to spruce up your look. When adding neon accents, your outfit should stay pretty neutral in color to allow the eye-catching color to take center stage. Adding a pop of neon to a simple silhouette can take you from average to over the top, effortlessly.




Mix and Match

If you’re not a fashion risk-taker and don’t feel comfortable wearing an outfit of head-to-toe neon, pick top or bottom. You can wear a pair of neon jeans with a neutral top or rock a classic blazer in bold neon to add some pizazz to your look.  With only one key piece in your outfit being bold, it will stand out in a good way.




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Going All In!

If you’re a fashionista that likes to take risks, try wearing a neon top and bottom. You can wear neon in a solid color as a dress or jumper, or you can try color blocking. Keep your silhouette and pieces simple because you are wearing all neon--you don’t want to overdo it with over thetop pieces. The important thing to remember when wearing a full neon outfit is that you need to add neutral pieces to tone down your bright look. Try adding neutral, classic pieces for your jewelry and bag with natural makeup and nails to finish your look.


Photobucket Photobucket

 Color Overload: Oh, No!

Bold neon colors were hot in the 80’s but you don’t want to look you stepped back in time. Remember: don’t overdo it with clashing neon from head to toe.  Avoid looking like a fashion disaster by add a few more muted pieces to your look to balance out the vibrant neon colors. Here are some examples of when neon goes wrong:

Photobucket   Photobucket


When wearing neon, don’t be afraid to play with different looks and styles. For example, you can be masculine, casual or ultra-feminine. Remember when wearing neon is it very easy to look shall we say...cray, so moderation and balance are key elements when trying out this trend.

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