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Fashion | 5 Fabulous Fashion Bloggers

Fashion // December 15, 2013

Remember the old days when you would pick up your favorite glossy magazine and flip through the pages to see the fashion editorials? Or when you would head to the mall to see new items on the shelves and perhaps glean some fashion inspiration from the displays and mannequins? It seems nowadays bloggers have changed the styling game … maybe even for good. With one click you can see the new season’s looks modeled on your favorite fashion editor/blogger, styled with accessories to boot, get an honest review, and shop the look. I openly admit, I have purchased quite a few items because my favorite fashion blogger wore them. If you’re looking for a daily dose of glamour, outfit ideas for the week, or if you are curious how the latest trends will look on, bookmark these fashion bloggers.

1. Atlantic-Pacific

Who/What: Blair Eadie fits my definition of a lady. Her style is classic and elegant, a mix of East Coast refinery and West Coast relaxation (which is why her blog is called Atlantic Pacific). She is not afraid to wear tulle with flannel, layer her rings and bracelets, nor does she shy away from full skirts in bright colors. Eadie blogs almost daily and also makes mention of her red lipstick choices, nail color, and sometimes produces multiple outfit snaps in one post. There is no text save for the shopping links. This blog is pure fashion heaven.

Where You’ve Seen Her: Eadie has partnered with the BaubleBar, done styling for Target’s lookbook, works for Tory Burch, has done shoots for Shopbop, BHLDN, and Tibi, and is a Who What Wear blogger.

Favorite Looks:

2. This is Glamorous

Who/What: This is Glamorous has a little bit of everything from food to décor and travel, but their fashion posts are definitely what drew me to the blog. This site is especially great for curated posts on fashion icons, runway coverage, and introducing you to new designers. The tone of this blog is definitely romantic, and you are sure to fall in love daily with every post.

Where You’ve Seen it: Named as one of the 50 greatest design blogs in the world by the London Times, there is hardly a magazine that hasn’t profiled this site.

Favorite Posts:

3. Sea of Shoes

Who/What: Blogger Jane Aldridge is young, and already she has been a media darling since she started her blog at 15. One of the original fashion bloggers, Aldridge made her domain popular due to her love of vintage and footwear. I love this redhead’s eclectic mix of thrift store finds including couture and oodles of vintage jewelry. This Texan is a fashion risk taker who is sure to have a voice in fashion for years to come.

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Where You’ve Seen Her: Aldridge has made several in-store appearances, partnered with ShoeMint, Urban Outfitters, and her blog has caught the attention of Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld who are fans.

Favorite Posts:

4. Paper Fashion

Who/What: The greatest fashion designs begin with a sketch. Illustrator Katie Rodgers sketches and paints her renditions of bloggers, runway shows, and beautiful looks on her blog that is as much about art as it is about fashion. She makes several of her images come to life with GIFs and glitter; it’s a fashion blog all on paper.

Where You’ve Seen Her: Rodgers has created a calendar and has been commissioned by Kate Spade, Valentino, Coach, Alicia Keys, and Stuart Weitzman.

Favorite Posts:

5. Glitter N Glue

Who/What: Kristen Turner is one of the most creative fashionistas out there. She has an eye for sophisticated style and uses that to DIY her way into couture-looking creations. Glitter ‘N Glue proves that you don’t need a big budget to rock the latest looks.

Where You’ve Seen Her: She’s the style contributor for the Today Show online,  partnered with Tom’s, Sperry Top-Sider, and has contributed her DIYs to E! and the Zoe Report (Rachel Zoe’s newsletter).

Favorite Posts:

Add the above to your blogroll, and take a few minutes a day to relax and enjoy their posts like you would a good fashion article. Browsing a blog is free and the voices behind the posts can be more relatable than a supermodel in a fashion spread. For fashion with a personal touch, tune in to the ladies above.

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers? Tell us in the comments below.

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