Beauty // June 2, 2014

As someone who deals with nail polish daily as the editor of Nails Magazine, it takes a lot for a lacquer to impress me.

But when in need of a quick nail pick me up, I am always open to trying new nail products. I decided to polish my nails mid-week with the chrome-like Charismatic color from Poshinality. I was instantly impressed with the application of the polish. The liquid silver slid on smoothly and covered my nail nicely with a thick coat. It dried quickly and the second coat went on just as nicely. Ladies love a good quick drying polish! I liked that this silvery color isn’t too sheer either. It has the ideal opacity to be worn alone or topped off with nail art.

The product line is a marriage of two words: polish + personality. Each color in the collection is named for a personality trait or fashion style. There is “Hipster”, “Adventure Seeker” and “The Quiet Type” along with “Outspoken”, “Go Getter” and “Open Minded.” Poshinality encourages it’s fans to not only pick a color, but to express who they are. Since I am all about self-expression and I work in an industry that supports having your own sense of style, I admire this brand for encouraging women to be confident in their own skin. Nail polish is more than something “pretty”, it’s a tool you can use to express your creativity.

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Poshinality also supports the beauty of giving: raising awareness for issues like domestic violence, sex trafficking, and even clean water initiatives. They donate a portion of their revenue to social causes and campaigns that seek long-term change. If you’re going to stock up on polish, you might as well choose one that supports a good cause! After reading up on the brand, I discovered that I like this polish even more than I thought.  I love that the majority of colors are “five-free” (free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor), and I feel like it’s rare to see a nail polish brand that gives back to so many social causes and does not test its products on animals.

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Happy painting!

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