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We’ve ALL done it - gone a little long in between brow waxes and now our brows resemble something like a caterpillar. We can’t hit the streets with overgrown eyebrows, so we must take our metamorphosis into our own hands. We reach for our handy, dandy tweezers and pluck any and everything that’s growing out of our foreheads. ANY and EVERYTHING. Five minutes later, as opposed to looking like a beautiful butterfly, we just look perpetually surprised. Now is not the time to panic (five minutes ago was the time to panic), so we have to compensate. But before we channel our inner Picasso, grab our eyebrow pencil and try to make sense of these wayward brows, consider getting the help of a trained brow professional.

Brow savior, Mersedeh Jeihooni of Kelley Baker Brows knows a thing or two about the importance of face time and knows how to fix bad brows. By simply tweezing, waxing and shaping, she’s able to create killer brows and transform your face to look like a better and brighter you. Talk about arch support!

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I recently had a chance to catch up with Mersedeh and salon owner, Kelley Baker, at the Kelley Baker Brows Venice location and pick their brains about brow maintenance: 

Jasmin Martin: I guess we can start with why brows? Why did you decide to make a career out of eyebrows?

Mersedeh Jeihooni: I’ve been in the cosmetology industry for fifteen years - I didn’t decide to do brows overnight. I started when I was eighteen as a makeup artist and then transitioned to working for a plastic surgeon as a medical esthetician. Paying attention to eyebrows comes naturally for a makeup artist and when I worked for the plastic surgeons, we would always talk about how important brows are and what a huge impact they make to the face. Brows are the only feature on the face that can take off ten years and people would frequently come in requesting eyebrow lifts and fat transfers to make them look more fresh. All of that surgery isn’t necessary when you can make someone look younger and feel better with routine eyebrow maintenance.

JM: Crafting eyebrows is a popular beauty trend, but not everyone is doing it right. I’ve seen some pretty scary eyebrows. What are some of your brow pet peeves?

MJ: When people bring in pictures of eyebrows that they’ve seen online or on a certain celebrities and want me to craft those EXACT brows. Eyebrows have to fit your face shape and full, thick eyebrows don’t work on everyone. If you come in requesting full brows and don’t have much to work with, I’m not a miracle worker and I can’t replicate that picture. After a couple sessions of manipulating your brows to grow a certain way, we can achieve the full look you want, but I’m not going to promise anyone full brows after one wax. You have to be patient.

Kelley Baker: When people fill their brows in. A lot of people do it...incorrectly. I get that women want to fill their brows in, but there’s a way to do it.

Stylist Mersedeh Jeihooni at work

JM: Speaking of the right way to do brows, explain the step-by-step process of creating fabulous brows:

MJ: Sure! First, I analyze the brows by looking at bone structure and the face shape. I comb the brow hairs up and down to look for sparse areas, scars, or holes before trimming all the long hairs. Then I wax in between, above and below the brow line to create the shape. After waxing, I tweeze for a more detailed shape. If the client requests brow tinting, I’ll do that, but it isn’t always necessary. Lastly, I use KBB brow powder to fill in the brow, KBB highlighter right below the brow to accentuate the shape and KBB clear brow gel to set the brow powder and hairs in place. My signature brow is a full, thick brow with a long tail.

KB: Our KBB products make it really easy for women to properly fill their brows and maintain them in between appointments. We have a brow powder in one color that everyone can use. If you can’t get into a shop, DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF! If the new hair growth in between appointments is driving you crazy, pluck them as you see them coming in, but I would rather you hold out and come to a professional. Find a brow artist you like who can shape and maintain your brows for you, especially if you are trying to grow your brows in.

JM: Got it, don’t DIY my brows and if I absolutely have to, don’t get tweezer happy and go overboard.

After the interview, I had the chance to give my brows the Kelley Baker treatment. I was blown away by how different my face looked. I looked like a whole new me!

Staff writer Jasmin Martin checks out Kelley Baker Brows

After seeing the results of having my brows Kelley Baker’ed, I vowed to start treating my eyebrows with a little more TLC. I will no longer subject my brows to excessive plucking or bad fill-in jobs. I will seek professional help with my eyebrow maintenance. I now know that the best eyebrows out there are a collaborative effort. It takes teamwork between you and your brow artist to make your eyebrow dreams work. If you’re in the market for a teammate to help you achieve winning brows,  Mersedeh Jeihooni of Kelley Baker Brows is an all star.

To book an appointment with Mersedeh Jeihooni or for more information about Kelley Baker Brows click here.

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