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Beauty Review: Bare Bliss Box - Organic Made Easy

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Beauty // February 3, 2015

I’m one of those women who will empty out her wallet for a really good beauty product. I get caught up in the fancy packaging and the “new and improved” labels and end up with a medicine cabinet full of overpriced potions, all guaranteed to keep me cute. While I have my beauty staples, I do enjoy trying new products. My go-to trick used to be sampling things while on vacation with my girls. I’d test out their beauty picks from their suitcases and come home with some new ideas. Thanks friends. ;-)

But I admit, although I love the instant perks of today's beauty products, I'm guilty of not considering the long-term effects. There's so much information out there about the harmful effects of the toxins in some of these beauty lines and if we read it all we might consider giving up our beloved products all together. Just kidding, I need my beauty junk. But how do I even begin to figure out the best organic products for me?

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The answer may very well be Bare Bliss Box, an online subscription service that lets you to sample some of the best organic, vegan and toxin free beauty products. Every month (or every 3 or 6 months if you prefer) they ship you a Bare Bliss Box straight to your front door. Each box has 4-6 products curated especially for you and designed to “change your body and enhance your life.” Each month the folks at Bare Bliss switch up their roster of featured brand partners and they kindly let me try it out this past January.

What’s In the Box? 

I had decided to go on a little getaway to Cabo for my birthday, so I threw the box into my suitcase and took it with me on my trip. When I arrived, I cracked it open and was surprised to find a little welcome note from the founder of Bare Bliss Box, Shelli Price. Along with the note, there was an array of goodies for me to try.

One of my faves was the crème deodorant by Pura Bella. I had been looking for a natural deodorant for a while – one that wouldn't leave me funky by lunchtime. Pura Bella has a unique application for its deodorant -- you rub it together between your fingers to warm and then apply under your arm. It kept me feeling fresh and dry all day and I loved the scent. Also in the box was Simplicity Cosmetics “Moth” Eye Shadow, which went on smoothly and stayed in place as I toured the city. Excessive makeup is a little unnecessary in the Cabo sun, so the only other makeup I wore during vacation was Southern Magnolia’s Sun Kiss Bronzer which helped to highlight my tan, but felt light.

Other fun items in the box were Yogi Cinnamon and Vanilla Healthy Skin and Skin De Tox tea and Adorn nail polish. I happily sipped my organic tea and painted my nails with my all-natural nail polish while on vacay. Weleda’s Pomegrante Regenerating Body Lotion was another big hit. I loved the fruity scent and my skin felt super moisturized after use. I wasn't a big fan of the Kosmatology’s Lotion Bar (and neither was my skin) but that’s the beauty of it! You get another set of products to try next month.

Why Bare Bliss Box?

What was interesting to me about the Bare Bliss Box is that beyond a sampling service it serves as a platform for green beauty brands to promote their products. I had heard of brands like Weleda and Yogi before, but others were new to me. This is something I definitely would try again to see what other mix of items I get - sort of like a surprise gift to myself. If you're thinking of going green with your beauty products, stop by and subscribe to start getting your beauty by mail.

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