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Love + Dating | Making Time for Your Boo

Written by Aisha
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Love + Dating // August 26, 2013

I spend most of my days volunteering in the greater Atlanta community and running a local non-profit program, while my fiancé is a busy graduate student earnestly working toward his PhD. My days as filled with youth outreach, giving presentations, Bible Study, and sometimes girl’s night. Add family obligations and daily chores into the mix and planning date night goes from candlelit dinners to “do you want to meet me at the grocery store?” Learning to set realistic expectations, plan ahead, be flexible and enjoy the simple moments of daily life can help you make the most of your time with your beloved.

  • Prioritize: Work together with your significant other to determine priorities for both of you. You might have to reschedule yoga class, or skip happy hour with your office mates to make time for each other. Similarly, there might be times when you have to forgo a lazy afternoon of cuddling in front of the TV in order to meet work deadlines. The point is that you work together on a weekly basis to schedule time with each other while respecting the practical demands of daily life.
  • Communicate:  Communication is the best way to make the most of your time with your boo, especially if you both have busy schedules. Discuss your schedules and call ahead if you have to cancel plans. Also, make time to focus on one another and talk about the day’s events, even if it’s just 10-15 minutes before bed each evening.  These heart-to-hearts are even better in person, so find time to talk face-to-face whenever possible.
  • Plan Date Nights:  Since face time is so important to healthy communication, planning a regular date night is a great way to ensure that you spend some quality one on one time with your significant other. Date night does not have to involve the expense of dinner and a movie. With help from resources like The Nest and a little imagination you can also plan some great dates at home and on a budget. 
  • Stay Present: Ambitious people can get lost in the workflow and forget to come up for air. Yes, things may be hectic but don’t check out on your relationship completely. It takes two to make it work. If you’ve been buried at work for long stretches, take a night off to get some quality time with your partner. You probably need the rest anyway.

Whether you are dating, engaged or happily married, busy couples have to work to keep their romantic relationships healthy. Finding time to be with one another is hard  and it doesn’t get any easier as you progress. The extra effort will go a long way towards making sure your relationship is just as successful as your career.

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Aisha Mickens honed her writing skills at PINK magazine writing articles and newsletters that shed light on the lives of modern business women. She is currently working in the public health field and serving as the Program Coordinator for the Jane Fonda Center, which works to promote adolescent reproductive health.

Aisha is an avid runner and dog lover who enjoys experimenting with vegan cooking.

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