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MW Local | Salon Review: TheBroot

MW Local // March 25, 2013

Co-founders Serena Watson and Lindsey Day checked out TheBroot Salon in Santa Monica. Read about their experience below and get two reviews in one!


I was excited to try out TheBroot Salon after checking out their website and reading about their all natural process. My hair history is long but to sum it up, I had a chemical relaxer for a really long time and only gave up the “creamy crack” about two and half years ago. My focus lately has been to grow my hair out and get it as healthy as possible, so I was excited to try this natural treatment.

Being in TheBroot salon almost feels like you are in an old-fashioned ice cream and smoothie parlor. There were a few old school blenders lined up, big coolers behind the counter and a large black-board scrawled with a variety of hair recipes. The very helpful stylist walked me through selecting the right blend of avocado, honey and milk for my thirsty, mistreated hair. I loved lounging on the plush couches and paging through the coffee table books laying around while my treatment was being blended. It was a lot of fun just hanging out with Lindsey in that very lady-like environment. When it was time to get started I was impressed by the raised wash bowls with neck supports, which allowed my stylist to stand comfortably behind me to wash my hair. The treatment was then applied and we sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes, just enough time to post pics on Instagram (see below).

The treatment was then rinsed out and it was time for the most amazing part of the process. My stylist, Sabrina, proceeded to give me a “blow out,” an experience I had never had before. I have incredibly thick, mid length hair, which is daunting to even the most experienced, hot comb-wielding hair stylist. So imagine my surprise to see my hair fall in soft, damn near straight strands with only the use of a hair dryer and a round brush. I was so happy to see that I didn’t need to apply so much heat to my hair for it to be manageable. For girls looking to make the switch to a more natural straightening process and/or for a luxurious deep conditioning treatment, hurry and Google Map the route to TheBroot salon.


Once a flat iron fanatic, I’ve learned to embrace my curls over the last few years. With this transition, I’ve also adopted a much more natural and low-maintenance hair regimen. So when Serena and I met one of TheBroot's stylists, Shelly, and were invited in to the salon, I was definitely excited. A customized, raw, organic hair treatment using a combo of ingredients like banana, honey, egg, avocado and mayonnaise sounded like something right up my alley.

When I arrived for my hair treatment, my experience lived up to my expectations. Serena and I were attended to promptly, and after telling our respective "BrootTenders" about our hair types and current hair needs, we settled in to receive the royal treatment. Shelly whipped up my personalized concoction (which was written down for me on a handy tip sheet at the end of our visit), and got to work massaging it through my scalp and hair. Amidst girl talk, the process and benefits of the mask were explained thoroughly, and it felt great to know that I wasn’t putting any strange chemicals on my hair and scalp. As I sat under the dryer while my treatment marinated, I couldn’t wait to see how it would affect my hair.

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After my hair was thoroughly rinsed and washed, I was taken to the styling bar where I, too, opted for a blow out (they also offer various styles of braids, styled wet). My hair was straightened beautifully, without a ton of heat or manipulation. TheBroot ladies also put me up on the amazing smelling Macadamia Natural Oil products, which sealed my blow out nicely without weighing my hair down. I left the salon a believer. If my hair is ever in need of some love, TheBroot will definitely be my first stop!


More about TheBroot:

TheBroot is the world’s first all-natural hair mask bar. Our name says it all: We take you back to your roots using simple, raw ingredients to help you ditch your chemical-laden hair care products and start a healthier hair relationship.

Think of it as hair rehab, a place that helps your locks overcome their chemical dependence so they can be strong and healthy on their own. Over time, your hair will feel shinier, stronger, and bouncier than ever (and so will you).

Using only the freshest, natural ingredients, like avocado, honey and oils, our BrootTenders blend custom hair masks that will leave your hair feeling restored and revitalized. From the fruit stand to the fridge to the blender, let us do the work. No chemicals, no preservatives and best of all, no mess. Your tresses deserve an all-natural, healthy diet; just like your body does. And we’re here to provide it.

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