March 12, 2012

It’s Friday night and you are ready for a little bit of nightlife. You know once you stride into the room with your fierce stilettos, fly outfit and subtle hint of dreamy perfume, you’re sure to turn heads, necks and chairs—so why should you settle on sauntering into a deserted dump or waste your time in line at the “hottest” new Hollywood nightclub with the “douchiest,” rudest bouncers?

You shouldn’t.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the sexiest LA lounges and restaurants, where everything – the décor, ambiance, service, cocktails and design – makes bold, sizzling statements that are bound to give you a memorable, sensual experience. Whether it’s a smokin’ hot date or a just fun night with friends, the next time you’re in the mood to feel grown and sexy, make sure to check out one of these highly recommended destinations:

Nic’s Martini Lounge

The sexiest thing about Nic’s is the expansive variety of devilish martinis. The bartenders here know how to perfect every type of martini under the sun–from the standard dirty martinis to the fruity Lemondrop Blush–all with fresh ingredients and heavy doses of spirits. Grab a seat at the swanky bar and a few of these potent martinis for a long evening of conversation in ritzy Beverly Hills.
Beverly Hills,


Perch is a sensually captivating rooftop bistros 15 stories above the ground in the downtown district of the city. Here, the toughest decision is where to sit: on the balcony, amidst the sparkling, lit-up skyscrapers…or under the soaring ceilings of the main lounge area while lounging on plush, oversized couches. Regardless where you end up, you’ll be able to experience a good dose of Perch’s mesmerizing French charm, with its roaring fireplaces, live Parisian music and decadent cocktails.


Set in the quiet, sleepy foothills of South Pasadena, this drinking parlor serves artistic old-fashioned cocktails that are guaranteed to please just as much as its rustic, earthy setting will. It’s an adorable place to snuggle, whether it’s on the shaded outdoor patio or in the main area. With only about 22 seats and barstools, this former caretaker’s cottage is intimate and quiet—the perfect destination to sip and savor finely crafted artisan cocktails within a rugged, historic setting.

Cliff’s Edge

The best seat in the house is on the café’s killer patio. Smack in the middle is a soaring oak tree, with leafy arms that shade the entire length of the patio. The main source of lighting comes from the strings lights dangling from the tree branches and the candles strategically placed by the base of the tree and on table tops, creating a natural yet sultry vibe. The ambiance at Cliff’s Edge is still worth the trip alone, but this Silverlake restaurant also has amazing European/Middle Eastern-inspired food.


Walking through Tagine’s nondescript doors and into this one-room restaurant, you’re miraculously transported from Los Angeles to a splendid Moroccan retreat. It’s a world where massive mirrors delicately hang on dark walls–where black-and-white photos of distant lands and lustrous tiled floors intertwine with one another to create a seductive, romantic getaway. Underneath the faint flicker of candles placed on worn wooden tables and hanging from ornate ceiling fixtures, feast upon traditional Moroccan dishes and sip sweet mint tea. With its serene atmosphere and Tasting Menu for two, Tagine is a spectacular date option.
Los Angeles,    

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