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Current | LA Fashion Week Review

Current // March 10, 2014

Remember last October when I was invited to LA Style Fashion Week? Well, they must have liked me, because I was invited to attend again and get a sneak peak into what will be the hottest trends for fall/winter ‘14. Once again, the LA Live Event Deck was packed with people all in attendance to celebrate the collections of the some of the biggest and brightest designers in fashion... and once again, your girl was in the building.

Style Fashion Week

The marketplace area is loud and bustling with media, stylists and spectators chatting before the start of the shows. Even though it was all pretty similar to last year’s setup, this year’s opening ceremony did offer something a little different. Instead of just hosting fashion, there was also a silent auction with the proceeds going to support the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. I thought it was really cool for the event to not be one dimensional and only focus on the world of fashion. After shaking a few hands and taking a couple pictures, my tour of the marketplace was coming to an end and I was ready to get inside the runway rooms to see some fashion.

LA Style Fashion Week

Before the show began, the Co-Founder and President of Style Fashion Week, Veronica Welch was joined by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti to come out and say a few words. They were both extremely supportive of designers, media, models and everyone in between who gives their time to make these collections come together. Their encouraging words were the perfect upbeat tone that that the night needed before we dove head-first into fashion.

LA Style Fashion Week

The first show of the evening was from fashion powerhouse, Ina Soltani -- welcomed back this year to display her fabulous 2014 collection. Her clientele includes celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and more, all donning her designs. Her fall/winter collection was FIERCE. Black leather ruled the runway. Her style is best described as classic with a twist. She sticks to simple lines, but plays with texture; maybe adding a cut-out, pop of color or other accent to make her designs unique. This collection’s “rocker chic” accent was having her models walk the runway with leather crowns - how cool! Fall/winter fashion tends to be more muted with neutral, black and white color schemes, but Ina Soltani has found a way to make it edgy and I’m here for it!

Trend Alert: Leather will be big for fall, but when dressing for the season, try to find a way to mix bad ass leather with other feminine pieces. Add a peplum top to your leather leggings or pair a lace blouse under your leather jacket for a different feel.

LA Style Fashion Week

The second and final show of the night was from Tatyana Khomyakova. Tatyana presented her own collection, Designs by Tatyana, as well as her collaboration with  one of my favorite designers, Bettie Page. I LOVE this retro style of fashion. I like how even though it’s a vintage style, a modern woman can still wear it and make it feel fresh and new. The Tatyana collection was feminine, colorful and all about accessories as the models strutted down the runway with purses, gloves and hats - so chic! Tatyana’s collection challenges the thought that you can’t be bold during the fall/winter season with your fashion and I love that she incorporates color and patterns even though the season calls for more toned down styles.

LA Fashion Week

Trend Alert: A black pencil skirts is a pin-up girl staple, but for the upcoming season, make it new by playing with color and adding a skinny belt. Also, consider adding satin gloves into your fall fashion wardrobe for a modern perspective on a vintage style.

LA Fashion Week’s Opening Ceremony was everything I thought it would be and I wasn’t disappointed. I had a blast mixing and mingling with everyone and I’m so glad I got to  jump start my week with fashion.

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Made Mommy | Maternity Clothes Essentials

Style // July 1, 2013

You've got the glow of a soon­-to­-be mommy, or so people are telling you. You may not feel very different -- or your pregnancy may send you running to the restroom all morning. Either way, you are noticing your belly starting to protrude; and it wasn't from the extra toppings at Yogurtland. It's the new life that is growing inside of you. That's when it hits you: your skinny jeans may not be very comfortable in a few more weeks. But the thought of buying a whole new wardrobe for just a few months is making you feel contractions in your wallet.

Let me tell you, there are a few maternity essentials that you may want to drop a few dollars on, but there are also few tricks you can use to extend your pre-pregnancy wardrobe through the last few months of your pregnancy. And you'll still look like the hot mama that you are.

In Your Closet

  • The Tunic - Using fabric ribbon or a skinny belt, cinch this versatile top just above your belly--empire-style.
  • The Mini Dress- Pair it with leggings and booties, and the dress becomes a cute tunic.
  • The open cardigan - The mild weather staple will be handy throughout your pregnancy. Throw it on over your outfit (thick coats may stay in the closet as you may feel your internal thermostat running hotter as your pregnancy progresses) and accessorize with a statement necklace.
  • Maternity Jeans - Select the cut you would normally prefer wearing. Soft elastic fabric replaces the zipper and button waistband. They come in over- and under-belly cuts that and feel very comfortable on your quickly stretching skin and navel, which at times, will feel sensitive to clothing hardware such as zippers, buttons, and hooks. Must-purchase!

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  • The Maxi Dress - Really, it's versatile anyway you look at it. Empire cut always works great with a preggie mama by slimming her down, but still allowing her to show off her new baby-carrying curves. If it's a tank dress -- again -- add a skinny belt or sash for an instant empire waist.
  • The Bella Band - a cotton lycra tube that holds your pants up. It allows you to wear your regular jeans longer through your pregnancy by holding them up, and hiding the fact that you hadn't buttoned your pants. It'll also hold up your maternity pants when they're still a little big.
  • Leggings - If you don't already own some, get a set. You may be able to wear your pre-preggers leggings throughout your pregnancy by allowing the waist to sit below your belly. Otherwise, maternity leggings come in above and below the belly cut. Leggings go with just about any outfit.
  • The ruched waist tee - Often, these t-shirts are made with softest and stretchy cotton. They come in a variety of cuts to compliment most pregnancy body types. They are so versatile--pairs well with your maternity or Bella-banded jeans, shorts, or skirts of any length.

With this list as my guideline, I never felt like a frumpy mama, nor did I go broke on my pregnancy wardrobe. I was left with plenty of extra cash to build my Made Baby's wardrobe.

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Style | Best Nail Looks for Summer

Style // June 17, 2013

The temperature is going up, the skirts are coming out and you’ve completely updated your look for summer. Don’t stop with just your wardrobe. Here are some hot new nail trends to try so you can be summer ready down to the smallest detail:

1. Nude Nails

One of the biggest nail trends seen on the NYFW runway for 2013 was nude nails. From tans and browns to blushes and barely-there peaches, this look gives off a fresh polished vibe. Nude nails are also great accents to nail art; we love a basic nude manicure with glitter tips or an added pop of color. Nude nails are perfect for a versatile summer look and can look great with a summer dress or colored jeans and a tank.

Favorite Shades:

OPI - Mimosas 

Butter London- Yummy Mummy 

Deborah Lippmann- Fashion

2. Matte Nails 

Forget shine, gloss and glitter, one of the biggest trends continuing into summer is matte nails. Today’s best matte looks have a satin finish and slight sheen that creates a unique statement. There are plenty of matte polishes in every color, but you can also just as easily get the look with any number of matte top coats that will turn your favorite lacquer into matte finish. Matte colors also can serve as a great foundation for nail art that incorporates both matte and glossy polishes into one look.

Favorite Shades:

OPI- Russian Navy

Essie -Matte About You TopCoat

Zoya Mod Mattes Collection - Lolly

3. Textured Nails 

Who doesn’t love a little texture? This summer, go the extra mile and take your manicure into 3-D! Add some jewels, dots, hardware or embellishment to just one nail or on the tips for a wow moment. Some of the biggest trends for the summer include the caviar manicure in a number of colors which add an instant glam to your look. You can also try a textured look with Zoya’s Pixie-Dust polishes, which give the feel of a sand-art effect, or a “velvet” polish like with Sally Hansen’s new Fuzzy Coat line in a variety of wild shades and combos. Try these textured looks with a simple accessories, so that they can take center stage.

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Favorite Shades:

Ciate Caviar Manicure- Black Pearls

Zoya PixieDust - Godiva

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat - Fuzz-sea

4. French Twist 

It’s time to rethink your clear and white tipped idea of the classic French manicure. This summer, update this trend with new colors and dimensions. Play up your favorite colors by adding black tips to a colored nail, colored tips to a peach or nude nails or adding metallic tips. Or reverse the whole trend and try a half-moon manicure instead, giving a different color to the base of the nail. The combinations are endless, and we are loving them all. For summer, experiment with shades like pink and coral, blue and aqua or try an ombre effect with different color tips.

5. Neon Nails 

Lastly, neon is a trend that we are seeing on the runway, and across our favorite fashion blogs. Our favorite neon nail trends include pops of neon in nail art with nude and black nails as well as ombre nails including neon colors. We love this look at the pop of color with a neutral ensemble.

Favorite Shades:

American Apparel Neon Nail Polish - Neon Yellow

China Glaze- Pink Voltage

Illamasqua Nail Varnish - Electric Lilac

What favorite nail trends and colors are you trying? Share your manicure photos with us and tweet us at @madewomanmag with your thoughts!

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Style // April 22, 2013

Lately, one of my favorite trends is one that calls out to my inner rocker chick: studs, spikes and hardware embellishments. This trend has been spotted on the runway, on fashion-savvy celebrities and featured on some of my favorite fashion blogs. Studs are a great way to add an unexpected edge and subtle glam to your look.


This season, studs are making their way from leather boots and jackets, to sweaters, blouses, skirts, dresses and bags. The modern studded and spiked pieces are being paired with feminine pieces: flowy and oversized tops, pastel colors and combined with a hint of sparkle. Spikes and studs are also showing up in statement jewelry, including bangles, rings, and necklaces, which can add an edge to a casual look or flirty dress.

You don’t have to leave studs for the rock concert, you can incorporate that new stud piece into every look with a few key ingredients.

Work Wear

At work, you want to keep your studs subtle. Try pairing a modern blazer with a studded lapel or a nice blouse with a studded collar or cuffs. Choose a versatile color that you can wear with a few different pieces in your closet; try a black blouse that you can wear with skirts, trousers or even jeans on the weekend. We loved this white blazer (H&M, $50) with a studded lapel. This is a jacket that you can also wear with a sleek LBD or a more feminine, flowy dress for a date night. Looking for an even more subtle way to bring this trend to work? Try a thin, spiked bangle with your work look, adding a little edge and shine.

Date Night

Studs can be sexy, so why not incorporate them into your date night look. Date night is a perfect opportunity to break out those studded heels you’ve been too nervous to wear. You can also amp up the glam with a stud and sparkle combo like this clutch (Love Culture, $15). Pair your studs with your favorite dress, or skinny jeans and an embellished tank.

Weekend Casual

Work in studs into your weekend wear by rocking them with your favorite jeans, leggings, sandals and/or shades. A cool, low-key way to pull off this trend is a studded oversized sweater. Pair your sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and sandals for running errands, brunch or catching a movie. I paired this oversized aqua studded sweater (Forever 21, $25) with white skinny jeans and studded sandals. I added a pop of color with a yellow bag and some oversized sunglasses to keep the look fashion forward. This look could also work with a studded tank or t-shirt.

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Shop This Trend

Studs may be on every item in the stores right now, but approach with caution before shelling out big bucks. Buy subtly studded foundation pieces so that you can still wear them when the trend may not be as popular. Retailers like Forever 21, Zara, and H&M have pieces that will keep you on trend without breaking the bank.

What’s your favorite studded look? Share your photos with us on Twitter @MadeWomanMag or on Facebook!

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Style | Trending Topics

June 4, 2012

To follow or not to follow, that is the question if we’re talking about fashion trends. Let’s begin with a little quiz:

Walking down the street, you catch a glimpse of an impeccably-styled girl, donning every one of the season’s hottest trends.  She looks effortless, chic, as if she’s been plucked from the pages of some uber-hip editorial.  Glancing down at your own sorry excuse for an outfit, you race into the nearest Forever 21, grabbing for touches of faux fur and animal print, stripes and safari, thinking “if she can rock it, why can’t I?”  In the light of the over-crowded dressing room, you see that everything fits. So, what do you do?

A) Leave everything there and slip back into my black skinny jeans. It’s impossible that I could pull off that look.
B) Buy the cheetah capelet and sparkling headband, but leave the rest.  Those items looked best on me anyway!
C) Buy it all! Now I’ll be a spitting image of that inspirational fashionista!

If you chose A, you might be a little too cautious about branching out and trying new styles. We wouldn’t want you to be one of the unfortunate few holding onto her boot-cut, light wash jeans, when everyone else has clearly moved on to skinnier, darker styles!  B-girls, pat yourselves on the back.  You’re fearless enough to attempt wearing some of the more out-there trends, but still conscious of what looks good on you. If you chose C, honey, we may have a little problem.

The biggest trouble with the trends of today comes from the fact that we often see them on our favorite celebrities.  “Beyonce looks so cute in that pair of thigh high hooker boots!” you’ll think. “I need a pair!”  Mind you, Beyonce has racks on racks on racks and can not only afford the most nice, expensive pair of boots, but also has the trainer, nutritionist and stylist to ensure that those money-making thighs look ever so slender and that the boots are perfectly-paired with some killer outfit.  When we plebeians attempt to plunge our thunder thighs into a pair of Steve Madden knock-offs, it may not look so good and we need to be aware of that! 

Often, I think that girls race to Top Shop and H & M attempting to emulate the styles of their favorite stars without actually looking at themselves in the mirror.  Do those kitten heels, currently favored by Taylor Swift and the like, really look good on you, or do they make you resemble a try-hard librarian, attempting to sass it up with that one little inch of heel? These are the kinds of questions we must ask ourselves as we search the racks.  Does this maxi dress look boho chic or muumuu horrendous? 

With a keen eye, all of us can be the perfectly put-together girls that make other girls sartorially jealous.

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May 21, 2012 

With neon as the hottest trend for the Spring/Summer 2012 season, fashion these days has become blindingly bright. This look from the 80’s has been revitalized in 2012. While everyone has taken on this look--on television, at fashion week, celebrities and maybe even on the office fashionista—it’s not always the easiest to rock. What goes with neon purple?? No need to worry, here are a few ideas to have you looking fabulous in neon...without looking like a box of crayons.


The easiest way to wear neon is to add a bright accent piece to your outfit. Try adding a neon belt, bag, shoes or jewelry to spruce up your look. When adding neon accents, your outfit should stay pretty neutral in color to allow the eye-catching color to take center stage. Adding a pop of neon to a simple silhouette can take you from average to over the top, effortlessly.




Mix and Match

If you’re not a fashion risk-taker and don’t feel comfortable wearing an outfit of head-to-toe neon, pick top or bottom. You can wear a pair of neon jeans with a neutral top or rock a classic blazer in bold neon to add some pizazz to your look.  With only one key piece in your outfit being bold, it will stand out in a good way.




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Going All In!

If you’re a fashionista that likes to take risks, try wearing a neon top and bottom. You can wear neon in a solid color as a dress or jumper, or you can try color blocking. Keep your silhouette and pieces simple because you are wearing all neon--you don’t want to overdo it with over thetop pieces. The important thing to remember when wearing a full neon outfit is that you need to add neutral pieces to tone down your bright look. Try adding neutral, classic pieces for your jewelry and bag with natural makeup and nails to finish your look.


Photobucket Photobucket

 Color Overload: Oh, No!

Bold neon colors were hot in the 80’s but you don’t want to look you stepped back in time. Remember: don’t overdo it with clashing neon from head to toe.  Avoid looking like a fashion disaster by add a few more muted pieces to your look to balance out the vibrant neon colors. Here are some examples of when neon goes wrong:

Photobucket   Photobucket


When wearing neon, don’t be afraid to play with different looks and styles. For example, you can be masculine, casual or ultra-feminine. Remember when wearing neon is it very easy to look shall we say...cray, so moderation and balance are key elements when trying out this trend.

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March 12, 2012

Spring is just around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about fabulous weather, bold accessories,  SHOES, fashion and the season’s hottest nail colors and trends. Let’s face it, nothing can make or break an outfit like your nails.  Last season, everyone was in a frenzy about, dark grays, different shades of blue, brown and let’s not forget about the shatter polish everyone was rocking. This season is all about bold and vibrant colors, nail art, green, glitter and metallic.

Go Green!
Going green has never been easier as it will be the hottest nail color for the season. Stick to softer shades of green like pistachio, mint and sage. Although these are softer shades of green, they will certainly stand out and make a bold statement with any outfit.
Photobucket               Photobucket

Peppermint Patti- MAC $16.00        Navigate Her- Essie $8.00

Creamy Neutrals and pastels
Each season has a natural option. During the fall and winter seasons, the neutral options are typically black, brown, navy and gray. This spring, stick to pale pinks, sheer beige and shades of nude that are close to your skin tone to pull off a flawless and classic look.
Photobucket              Photobucket                      Photobucket

Mod about you-OPI $8.00        Sandpiper- MAC $16.00       Cream Tea- Butter London $14.00

Bold Brights and Neons
Nothing says “Spring is Here!” better than bright bold colors. This season try tangerine, fuchsia, chartreuse and coral. Bold nails are a great way to spice up an outfit as an added pop of color. Also, try matching your nail color to your lipstick or shoes when wearing a neutral outfit as a fun color accent.
     Photobucket                Photobucket                   Photobucket

Tour de Finance-Essie $8.00            Did It On ‘Em- OPI Nicki Manaj $7.00        Truly Tangerine-Orly Nail Lacuer $6.99

Nail Art
Take a walk on the wild side this season with some nail art. You can add cheetah print, stripes, circles, lace, tie dye and so much more with Sally Henson’s Nail Effects. They are strips of nail polish that are applied like stickers and then are shaped to your nails. The best part is that there is no dry time so you can jump right back into your busy schedule without waiting around for your nails to dry. If you’re not that adventurous, try adding rhinestones, a small design or two tones to your nails which is a sure way  to spruce up a basic manicure while expressing your fun personality.
Photobucket                                           Photobucket

Nail Pen Art-Sally Henson $7.99                         Nail Effects-Sally Henson $7.00

Glitz and Glitter
Add a little sparkle to your manicure with glitter polish this season. Although glitter has been around for many seasons, it’s been updated with new shapes, sizes and colors for spring 2012.

     Photobucket                 Photobucket             Photobucket

Save Me-OPI Nicki Minaj $7.00            Rainbow Connection-OPI $7.00            DS Temptation-OPI $7.00

So many colorful options to choose from! Do you have a style or nail trend that you are excited to try this spring? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Style | Coats for Fall

November 22, 2011

Coats should be a staple of your fall wardrobe. You need them to keep warm against the brisk chill in the air and they can also make or break an outfit. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a great outfit covered up by an outdated jacket, or one that is horribly mismatched. Here are some ideas to get you through this crisp season in style.


The Black Leather Jacket (DKNY, $268) - This is a great jacket to add some edge to an outfit. Perfect to wear with jeans but also over a skirt and tights for a night out.  I love pairing a leather jacket with a hoodie or sweater for a cozier look.


The Classic Trench (J Crew, $298) - If there is one coat that is worth splurging on it’s a trench. They are timeless and can last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. A trench is great to polish off a work outfit, whether it is a pencil skirt and heels or a pair of black trousers. It can also serve as a chic raincoat with some cute rubber boots!


The Bright Pea Coat (Old Navy, $45) - I am not overlooking a pea coat in a muted neutral--there is definitely a place for those--but having one in a bright fun color definitely makes a statement for fall. In a season where people tend to dress a bit darker, it’s great to spice up a look with a bold green or yellow. Pea coats are great paired with skinny jeans and a tall boot or worn open with a scarf.


The Cape (Forever 21, $37.80) - A cape is one of fall 2011’s must haves. They are a great statement piece over a dress or high wasted pants and make for a classy alternative to the ordinary coat. Pair a cape with mittens and a hat and they can easily transition into the colder winter months as well!


The Denim Jacket (American Eagle Denim, $49.50) - Denim jackets can be a bit intimidating because they can border on fashion fail if worn incorrectly. But a denim jacket is perfect paired over a sweater dress and boots--just don’t match it to your jeans!


The Fleece Jacket (North Face, $165) - Now this one is more for function than fashion, but nothing beats a warm fleece jacket on cool fall days. It’s perfect for when you want to go for a hike or are on your way to the gym and a “fashionable” coat would just look absurd.


The Tweed Jacket (Tory Burch, $575) - Tweed jackets are my favorite for fall because they add such a polished and sophisticated look to a simple outfit. Wear over a plain tee shirt and jeans for a casual look or a sleek shift dress for something more upper class. 

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