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Style // July 1, 2013

You've got the glow of a soon­-to­-be mommy, or so people are telling you. You may not feel very different -- or your pregnancy may send you running to the restroom all morning. Either way, you are noticing your belly starting to protrude; and it wasn't from the extra toppings at Yogurtland. It's the new life that is growing inside of you. That's when it hits you: your skinny jeans may not be very comfortable in a few more weeks. But the thought of buying a whole new wardrobe for just a few months is making you feel contractions in your wallet.

Let me tell you, there are a few maternity essentials that you may want to drop a few dollars on, but there are also few tricks you can use to extend your pre-pregnancy wardrobe through the last few months of your pregnancy. And you'll still look like the hot mama that you are.

In Your Closet

  • The Tunic - Using fabric ribbon or a skinny belt, cinch this versatile top just above your belly--empire-style.
  • The Mini Dress- Pair it with leggings and booties, and the dress becomes a cute tunic.
  • The open cardigan - The mild weather staple will be handy throughout your pregnancy. Throw it on over your outfit (thick coats may stay in the closet as you may feel your internal thermostat running hotter as your pregnancy progresses) and accessorize with a statement necklace.
  • Maternity Jeans - Select the cut you would normally prefer wearing. Soft elastic fabric replaces the zipper and button waistband. They come in over- and under-belly cuts that and feel very comfortable on your quickly stretching skin and navel, which at times, will feel sensitive to clothing hardware such as zippers, buttons, and hooks. Must-purchase!

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  • The Maxi Dress - Really, it's versatile anyway you look at it. Empire cut always works great with a preggie mama by slimming her down, but still allowing her to show off her new baby-carrying curves. If it's a tank dress -- again -- add a skinny belt or sash for an instant empire waist.
  • The Bella Band - a cotton lycra tube that holds your pants up. It allows you to wear your regular jeans longer through your pregnancy by holding them up, and hiding the fact that you hadn't buttoned your pants. It'll also hold up your maternity pants when they're still a little big.
  • Leggings - If you don't already own some, get a set. You may be able to wear your pre-preggers leggings throughout your pregnancy by allowing the waist to sit below your belly. Otherwise, maternity leggings come in above and below the belly cut. Leggings go with just about any outfit.
  • The ruched waist tee - Often, these t-shirts are made with softest and stretchy cotton. They come in a variety of cuts to compliment most pregnancy body types. They are so versatile--pairs well with your maternity or Bella-banded jeans, shorts, or skirts of any length.

With this list as my guideline, I never felt like a frumpy mama, nor did I go broke on my pregnancy wardrobe. I was left with plenty of extra cash to build my Made Baby's wardrobe.

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