Lifestyle // November 20, 2013

Congratulations to all of the soon-to-be mommies out there! You have great excitement approaching in the months ahead when the most precious gift of all will arrive. In the meantime, you'll find that you have to make adjustments in life to accommodate the changes in your body. That includes holiday travel. Take advantage of the following tips to be as comfortable as possible as you undertake any journeys during the season.

Tip Number One: Be Practical in How You Dress
As you prepare to travel while pregnant, be sure to keep comfort in mind. You can look attractive and still feel at ease. Consider wearing loose fitting clothing, such as dresses or pants that have a maternity stretch panel and flowing shirts. You are likely to be warmer while you're pregnant so wear layers that will help you to adjust your body temperature as needed. Consider maternity tights with light compression; they provide support for your legs and decrease the aching and swelling that is par for the course.

Tip Number Two: Take Plenty of Breaks
If you are on a road trip, be sure to build in many stops along the way. Give yourself a chance to get out, stretch, and move. You're likely to need more bathroom breaks as well. If you are on an extended journey, think about having an overnight stop to make your trip more manageable. Bring a pillow to support your back as well. If you are on a flight, arrange to sit on the outside seat, allowing you to get up and walk when there is a need.

Tip Number Three: Take Care with What You Eat
You're going to find that it may be easier to eat light when you are traveling while pregnant. Your digestive system often reacts differently while your body is going through dramatic changes. You'll want to avoid too many trips to the bathroom or gastrointestinal problems. You can reward yourself with a more satisfying meal once you arrive. Be sure to remain hydrated and have snacks on hand to curb your appetite or head off motion sickness.

Tip Number Four: Allow Someone Else to Drive
If you are traveling by car while pregnant, choose someone else to be the driver. This is a time for you to pamper yourself. You'll have the opportunity to rest, take a little snooze, and recline if needed in order to be more comfortable. If your driver needs to take a break from time to time, that's no problem. You'll also benefit from pit stops.

Tip Number Five: Be Prepared
Be sure to bring your health information, vitamins, and a variety of clothing on your trip. You want to be prepared for anything and have everything you need. Your health records about your pregnancy will be extremely helpful if any problems should arise while you are away from home. You need to stay on top of your nutrition and continue to take your supplements. Keep comfort in mind for clothing. Here’s a handy list of essentials compiled by

Pregnancy is a joy; although, it poses challenges when traveling. Take time to prepare for any trip and you'll have a more pleasant experience. When all is said and done, you can share your experiences with your little one in years to come.

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