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Lifestyle | Drink Up! Wine's You'll Love

Lifestyle // August 18, 2014

The essence of summer: What is it for you?

For me, it usually comes paired with a glass of wine. Sometimes it’s a clean white sipped while burying toes into beach sand, warmed from a day’s worth of the sun’s blanket. Other times, it’s a full-bodied red, accompanied by laughter and adult humor as ribs, steak, and burgers are thrown on a grill ahead of a night surrounded by friends. And other times still, it’s a dry rosé when after a day of hard decision making I’ve got no room left in my mind to decide what, exactly, it is I really want.

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My only demand, no matter the varietal? That the wine be as carefree as summer itself. This means they are reasonably priced and above all… fuss-free. Here are some of my picks for the best wines for any palette:

Vinum Cellars 2012 Chenin Blanc/Viognier

Crisp. Refreshing. Under $15.  I mean I can probably just stop there, right? You’re already grabbing this wine and headed to checkout, you’ve got a concert to catch at The Greek.

But if you want to know more:
Stick your nose in this baby and you’ll feel as if you’re back on the islands, mahn! Expect something bright with tropical pineapple, guava and ripe peach scents which, as the winery says itself: Expresses subtle clover honey notes. Chenin Blanc is known for it’s generous acidity, and this wine is no different. You can also pinpoint honeysuckle and lemon-lime flavors, with slight notes of vanilla and cream.

Bottom Line: It’s hot. Your palate needs to be quenched with something that’ll go down easy while making you feel as elegant as a mid-summer night’s eve itself. This is what you’re drinking.

Flirt, California Red Wine

You thought under $15 was good? Try under $12. A blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, and my personal favorite –Tempranillo, if you’re headed to a BBQ where you don’t know anyone, this is the wine you’re bringing. A conversation starter, for sure . . .  #ThatLabelTho

But if you want to know more:
Syrah, Zinfandel, and Tempranillo are three wines consistently listed on “Best Wines for BBQ” lists, and for good reason. What do you get when you blend them all together? Apparently, a wine that is smooth but not overly sweet and easily adaptable to whatever meat you throw at it.  See if you can catch the hints of butterscotch and cherry cola (If those aren’t the ingredients to an American summer I don’t know what is) And note: This is a wine you drink NOW… and why would you not? Once that bottle is empty you can use it as a vase!

Bottom Line: You want to stand out.  There may be certain man at this BBQ you just “happen” to be attending, and you’re prepared to do exactly as the bottle says . . . Flirt! Hey, what’s a summer without a lil’ romance?!

2013 Adobe Pink

Let’s be serious: Sometimes, you CAN get champagned-out. The bubbles. The tartness. The morning after. You know what I’m talking about. But what’s is a girl to do when she wants something fun, refreshing, and NOT red or white? Pick this bottle up, for under $15, and impress your brunch-mates by introducing them to a label they’ve probably never heard of.

But if you want to know more:
This rosé is light, fruity, and doesn’t need a strawberry to be added to ramp up its sweetness.  Hints of lemon with a crisp finish linger (but really, only briefly) with a touch of sugar.  Serve cold. Very cold.

Bottom Line: It’s Sunday. You’re brunching. But please – hold the champagne. Try something new!

All right ladies . . .get out there are raise your glass! Hurry . . . before summer passes you by.

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