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Finding Your Passion With Dr. Gloria Burgess Pt. 2

Written by Erika
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Lifestyle // July 9, 2014

Pay Attention to the Static

This article is part of a two part interview with Dr. Gloria Burgess. Read Part One Now!

We all have moments of frustration in our work. But when we’re following our hearts and doing what we love, we move through those frustrations. They don’t stick around 24/7.

Dr. Burgess explains, “If the frustration lingers, that’s great feedback. The feedback is called static. Here’s the good news. Static is actually useful—especially when we use it to nudge us toward our real passion.”

“You know there is static in your work life when you complain about your co-workers—every day. When you want to tell your boss to get lost—every day. When you want to thumb your nose at rules and regulations—every day. When you dread going to work—every day—and your dread overflows into your personal relationships. When you begin to take your frustrations out on those you love, on people who care about you.”

“These clues mean that you’re planted in the wrong place. Just like a houseplant, sometimes we simply outgrow the container, or environment, we’re planted in.”

“Perhaps the team you’re working with is wearing you down,” she explains. “That might mean that you need to remove yourself from that context. Perhaps you need a different environment in which to express and align your passion. But if the situation calls for it, be ready to knock on doors and receive rejection letters in order to reinvent yourself and grow bigger.”

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Dr. Burgess believes it’s the fear of taking risks that keeps us stuck. “Too often,” she says, “We make excuses or settle because we’re afraid. Our fear causes us to shrink rather than spread our wings and soar.”

“Don’t lose the fear. Simply acknowledge it, and do it anyway! It takes faith to spread our wings. It takes courage to make our dreams come true. Change is inevitable. Be in charge of the change, and go for your dream. No one else is going to do that for you.”

Dr. Burgess has devoted her life to serving others. Past and current clientele include the likes of the YMCA, Bank of America, Boeing, the Administration for Children and Families, and the Swedish Hospital Foundation.

“Life is too precious to waste,” she says. “Value yourself. Value your well-being. Find your passion. Get on the right path, and then help someone else do the same. That’s what moving from success to significance is all about.”

Enjoy the journey!

Do you have questions for Dr. Burgess? Ask them in the comments below or engage with her on Twitter and Facebook—she’s passionate about helping motivated young women!

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