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Health | The Truth About Waxing

Health // September 23, 2013

Your best friend does it. Your little sister does it. Your next door neighbor probably does it, too.

We're talking bikini waxing -- arguably the second most painful thing to happen to our lady parts next to childbirth. Once considered taboo, pubic hair removal is now something we don’t need to "beat around the bush" about; women from all backgrounds are pouring into salons across the country to get their hair down there bikini-ready. However popular the service may be, some of us still have our doubts and haven't yet tried it out. Esthetician Heather Nelson, owner of WAX by Heather Nelson and creator of "The 7 Minute Brazilian Wax," has seen her fair share of inquisitive first-time waxers and answered their questions. In order to debunk the myths and help us to physically (and mentally) prepare for our debut wax, Heather breaks down the top 5 things we need to do before receiving the signature service:


Before you step foot into any waxing parlour, make sure you've taken a nice hot shower and exfoliated the area. "Get down there and scrub all the dead skin away," Nelson says. Warm water opens up pores and regular exfoliating can lessen the likelihood of ingrown hairs and promotes silky, smooth skin.

2. How long is TOO long?

Been a while since your last "haircut"? Don't be embarrassed ladies -- that's actually a good thing! "I get this all the time!” the wax guru says. "Ideally, hair should be between 1/4 of an inch to 3/8 of an inch long. The longer the hair, the easier it is to pull from the root -- as opposed to just ripping at the skin." Don't want to estimate what 3/8 of an inch looks like? Waxing generally lasts anywhere from three to five weeks, so schedule appointments anywhere from four to six weeks apart. Extra incentive: the longer the hair, the less tearing it out hurts!

3. AHA! So it does hurt! Anything I can do to make it less painful?

"Yes, waxing hurts. It's not the most comfortable feeling in the world, but like anything the more you do it, the more accustomed to the sensation you become," Heather states. Think taking a shot will help loosen you up and make the wax easier to deal with? Think again. Alcohol is dehydrating and makes skin more sensitive to pain. Nelson suggests avoiding caffeinated drinks and steering clear of direct sunlight for 48 hours pre wax appointment. She also recommends taking a pain reliever 30 minutes before your service to ease the discomfort of waxing.

4. Brazilian vs. Bikini - What's the Difference?

Brazil has birthed some pretty remarkable exports; supermodel Giselle Bundchen, the Brazilian butt lift workouts and of course, the Brazilian wax. In short, a bikini wax is removing all the hair that could potentially be seen whilst wearing a bikini and a Brazilian wax is umm....all the hair you can and can't see whilst in a bikini. Heather has perfected her waxing technique to accommodate a comprehensive Brazilian wax in seven minutes, so if you are bold enough to go completely bare down there, at least you aren't on the table for too long.

5. Don't DIY

Think you can do a little shaving or home waxing kit touch ups between appointments? It's best to leave the hair removal to the pros. Certified estheticians are well versed in the ways of what works for skin and the most effective ways to maintain it. Likewise, if you have any skin allergies, health conditions or are on any type of topical medications (Accutane, Retin - A, AHA's), let your waxologist know before you book your appointment; certain meds don’t go well with waxing services.

Now you should feel completely at ease about bikini waxing and know what to expect when you do decide to get your first wax. For more information about hair removal by waxing and more expert insight from Heather, click here.

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