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Review: Lean Body Bra by Capo Nata Apparel

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Health // August 26, 2013

For a woman, being well endowed is both a blessing and a curse. Although many may think it’s just a case of “the grass is always greener” and say they would kill for a pair of DD’s, I would gladly trade mine in.

Sure, I can get great cleavage in anything, but good luck finding a bra that both fits and doesn't look like a giant tarp, or a reasonably cute bikini with decent support. Added to our busty woes is the inevitable sports bra dilemma. As my buxom sisters will attest, most sports bras just don’t do the trick, and running without proper support can be uncomfortable or downright painful. Many of us resort to other measures, including wearing more than one sports bra (eek!) or opting for less jiggly exercise.

This dilemma is what sparked professional Hollywood stuntwoman Natasha Hopkins to create her sportswear line Capo Nata Apparel. The jewel of her collection is the answer to every busty woman’s problem: the Lean Body Sports Bra. I had a chance to try out my own Lean Body Sports Bra and experience the difference firsthand. It’s markedly different because it is more of a sports bra corset than a run-of-the-mill sports bra that cuts off below the bust. The Lean Body Sports Bra consists of breathable and support material around the bust with supportive cups and a non-breathable neoprene fabric around the midsection. At $125 (a bit steep, but worth it!), its different from other sports bras due to its patented and tested materials.

The result of these features is a combination of incredible back and bust support that also targets stubborn midsection fat by heating up the area with the non-breathable neoprene fabric. The results are very noticeable: you sweat, a lot! The Lean Body Sports Bra is a great addition to my workout regimen. My back pain and discomfort from certain exercises was relieved and my midsection tighter after repeated use.

However, I do caution users to make sure to get the correct size for their body. Call or make an appointment before purchasing. The Lean Body Sports Bra fits similarly to a wetsuit and can be as difficult to get on. Make sure you are comfortable sitting, have a full range of movement and can bend easily. Otherwise, this makes sitting exercises like biking and certain weights a little more difficult.

In the end, I highly recommend the Lean Body Sports Bra to any woman who has suffered from back pain or lack of support while exercising. It’s also great for anyone who wants to target their midsection during their workout.

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