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Style | Spring Fashion Must-Haves

Written by Marni
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Style | Spring Fashion Must-Haves Photography: Polyvore

Style // April 8, 2013 

After winter hibernation it’s no wonder we’re desperate to show off what we’ve got. As a result, spring brings us some of the most daring looks. To stay ahead of the fashion curve for this new season here are a few items to punch up your look. Whether you’re ready to jump off the deep end with us or just want to add a little flare to your wardrobe, we’ve got it all from Grandma’s best to Batgirl-chic.


Sure it’s not practical but batgirl is a look this spring. Everywhere you turned at the world's fashion weeks this year some waif was being crushed under the weight of her jacket which was supported with nothing more than her shoulders. Wearing proper capes, or draping a coat may not allow for much gesticulation or bodily articulation (Vogue says don’t even think about hugging your friend) but, capes are bold and make a statement of chic power. Thankfully Sunday brunching doesn’t require much movement and thus lends itself perfectly to your cape aspirations. Even newly ordained Pope Francis is embracing the cape trend.

Patterned Pants

Did you buy colored jeans? Yes. You bought all the colored jeans. Great. Perfect. But now we have a new pants trend. This spring brings us tailored (non-jean) patterned pants. From legging tight Chanel-inspired houndstooth to colorful floral work pants, this item goes day to night as easy as a little black dress. They can be flirty and also, elegantly fun for work. Wear them with flats for a day out shopping or with heels and an oversized blazer for a day at the office.

Steampunk Glasses

Steampunk is one of the most eye-catching genres in fashion. Rooted in the Industrial Revolution and revived a century later in Japan’s whimsical world of Gothic Lolita fashion, Steampunk bridges the gap between science, technology, fashion, and fantasy. In a perfect world when Robert Downey, Jr.’s Sherlock and Tim Burton design for Oliver Peoples-For-Target, this is what you would get. In short, Steampunk is the one stop shop for the thinking woman’s fashion revolution. This spring bring your fashion IQ up a notch with these metallic, circular frames.

Rock Glam

If Steampunk is too much of a leap for you, you can get a similar edge with another of this Spring’s trends. Rock Glam is hanging around for warmer temps this year. This typically leather-heavy trend is more for winter but who says you can’t wear your bright yellow mini skirt with some studded or buckle-laden heels?


Brocade walks a fine line. It can either say “Look, I’m a walking 200 year old tapestry” or “I must have been aristocracy in another life.” Tread lightly, it is not the easiest thing to take what was probably once the pattern on your grandmother’s living room sofa, and wear it. But if you can - own it!

Items in main photo:

Roseanna Santa Floral Brocade Jacket
WAYF Gym Pants
VTG Style Round Lens 90s Steampunk Glasses

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