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5 Video Games Your Girlfriend Won't Mind Playing

Written by Courteney
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May 7, 2012

I was a video game virgin for quite some time. 

I grew up without technologically inclined parents (they still can’t operate a cell phone or figure out Facebook) or boys in the household (not a single brother,) so needless to say, I did not catch on to the phenomenon of video games.

Then I met Ray, my fiancée, who just happens to work in the video game industry.   He would try to get me to play but I fought it for quite some time, despite multiple opportunities for indoctrination.

In the long run I guess I had no choice. Suddenly games were always around me, and I began to appreciate the fun and creativity from a distance.

Late one night, it was time.  Ray came home with what he thought was the perfect “first game” for me.  Controller in hand, sitting in front of our living room TV, I pressed ‘A’ and the game began. It was called “Fez”.

Fez (XBLA) for the Hipster

Picture a cute little robot intermingling with other cute and friendly robots, climbing walls of vines and castles, and entering secret rooms to find pieces of a rubix cube. All you have to do is explore the various little lands to help your character find all the colored pieces in order to save the entire universe!

It’s a 3-dimensional game played in 2 dimensions at a time—quite clever. You’ll have to see the trailer to understand what I mean.

Fez was my gateway game. Soon after playing, I started experimenting with some other more “hardcore” games. Next, I tried Wii Fit and was I impressed. 

Wii Fit (Wii) for the Athlete

You mean to tell me I can do yoga in front of my television screen and it can sense if I hit my poses correctly? It can really gauge my sense of balance and my areas of strengths and weaknesses? It added a new element to yoga that I had never experienced.

I absolutely love the yoga, no doubt about it, but Wii Fit also encompasses much, much more. Other activities on the game include bowling, hoola hooping, golfing, jogging and step aerobics. For the indecisive or A.D.D. girl (including me) there’s a multitude of options depending on the mood you’re in. Plus, the great thing about Wii is that you actually feel justified in your video game playing since it burns at least some amount of calories. (I mean it’s not exactly the gym, but it’s still a whole lot better than sitting on your butt watching Desperate Housewives.)

Also in the more “active” category of video games falls another favorite of mine called Dance Central 2, for the girl that likes to get down. 

Dance Central 2 (XBOX360) for the Dancer

This game features 44 songs to dance to from Ciara’s “Goodies” to “You’re a Jerk” by New Boyz to “Sandstorm” by Darude. The Kinect tracker calculates your points throughout the contest to show you just how well you did keeping up with the choreographer’s dance moves. Imagine the same basic premise as Dance Dance Revolution (like you see in movie-theatre arcades,) but more awesome since it isn’t just about stomping on plastic buttons below you. It takes the whole body movement into consideration from head to toe and it counts the calories burned along the way.  Lastly, every song features a “freestyle” portion where you can break away from the set choreography and do your own funky moves. After you’re done, it plays back a video of your dancing, only in super sped-up fashion. Hilarity ensues.

Okay so video game #4 is a game you may have heard of before. 

Mario Party 9 (Wii) for the Retro Throwback

You may remember driving around in Mario carts or playing with characters including Princess Peach, Yoshi or Luigi. Well, they are all back in Mario Party. It is a sampling of a lot of the old games you used to play, just with enhanced features. Some things are just classic and can’t be left behind.

Lastly, for the adventurer girl, I want to highlight a game called Unchartered 3.

Uncharted 3 (PS3) for the Adventurer

Uncharted 3 is an action adventure game (kind of like Indiana Jones) where you control Nathan Drake as he explores ancient ruins on a search for mysterious treasure while fighting off bad guys along the way.  It’s very visually appealing, and is  largely plot driven, so even if you’re just sitting back and watching someone else play, it is entertaining and interesting (which not all of your boyfriend’s videos/ videogames are.)

I hope you now have the courage to dive into the wide variety of games available to your specific tastes. If I left off your favorite game, please share it in the comments!

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Courteney Kay is a professional dating coach, marketing guru and entrepreneur living in San Francisco, California. In addition to matchmaking, transforming her dating clients' online profiles, and running unique singles events with her company Mingle All The WayCourteney enjoys yoga, traveling, foodie-ing, personal development and conferences like Succeed Faster. You’ll never find her far from a good book, a great night out, or her friends, animals, fiancee and family. You can contact her online at to inquire about her services.

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