Our Story

If you’re looking for 101 ways to please a man,  a place to complain about how awful they are or the latest celeb fad diet... Sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place. Sure, we love amazing sex, a playful jab, and the occasional celeb gossip as much as the next girl, but Made Woman Magazine offers so much more. 

In 2009, two USC grads -- Serena Watson and Lindsey Day -- were sick of seeing women placed in one of three boxes in the media: catty airheads, heartless b*tches or beautiful trophies. Where were all of the amazing, motivated young women they encountered at their jobs, at networking events...at the local café?  Women who were starting out in their respective industries, blazing trails, juggling social lives and following their dreams in bold, fearless ways?  Better yet, where do these amazing women go to get useful tools that are truly relevant to their lives? How do they find each other so that they can build real-life connections and support each others' growth?

Enter: Made Woman Magazine.

Made Woman Magazine provides relevant content for the modern woman, but is also a growing network of professional, driven, empowered women who want to connect with others just like them. More than just a magazine, Made Woman is a movement. We're inspiring, motivating, entertaining and communicating with other women who are constantly looking for ways to achieve their next goal. We’re a sounding board for like-minded professionals who come from varying walks of life, but have one thing in common: we’re MADE.

Join the conversation. 

Meet the Made Woman Team

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