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Best of 2014 | Our Top 5 Interviews of 2014

Best of 2014 // December 31, 2014

People always ask me how we choose our Made Woman of the Month each month. A lot of the time, I'll hear a name over brunch -- a friend or colleague will say to me excitedly, "I know who your next Made Woman of the Month should be! You HAVE to interview [insert someone bossy]..." Sometimes I'll meet someone great at an event or conference, or people will shoot me an email about someone in their office, school or church --someone they want me to hunt down. At the end of each year I look back, super impressed with the caliber of women who call themselves "Made." All of the women we interview hustle in their respective industries and manage to shine with everything they do. 

Asking me to pick my favorite interview this year is impossible, but here is a look back at a few highlights that the Made Woman staff and I agree are must reads: 

Natasha Case, Cool Haus -- The Entrepreneur

She co-founded the ice cream chain that we all love. Cool Haus owner, Natasha Case had a vision for her brand that bridged her love of dessert and her passion for architecture. Read her story and follow the Cool Haus truck on Twitter

Lena Waithe, Producer -- The Hollywood Insider

It was a great year for Lena Waithe, from debuting her own web series, "Twenties" to producing one of the most talked about movies of the year, "Dear White People," Lena was on fire. After hearing about her, meeting and interviewing her, I knew that Lena's approachable demeanor, directness and talent would take her far. Get her full story here. 

Sarah Amos, Freshwire -- The Trailblazer

Sarah Amos took the content creation skills she had mastered working at “World News With Diane Sawyer” and "Good Morning America" and made the leap to the digital space when she signed on as Chief Creative Director for the growing startup, Freshwire. The company creates branded digital content -- editorial, custom video, blogs, etc. and works hard to make sure their original content cuts through the clutter. Learn more about Sarah here.

Keren Taylor, Write Girl -- The Philanthropist

For our "30 Days of Made" this year we focused on Giving Back by spotlighting one non-profit or charity each day in April. That same month we recognized Karen Taylor as MW of the Month for her work with Write Girl, a non profit organization on a mission to fuel the creative spirit of teenage girls. Her drive and dedication to this mission landed her in the White House, where she was honored with the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program award. Read Keren's story here

These are just a few of the amazing women we've profiled on the site. We are honored to have them grace the pages of our site and look forward to a whole new year of interviews. If you know anyone who you think we should interview on our mag shoot us an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

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