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Letter From the Made Woman Mag Staff

Written by Serena
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Turn It Off  

Letter from our Editor-in-Chief, Serena Watson -- February 3, 2015

How many different screens do you look at each day? Let’s count. Your phone screen, your computer screen and your TV screen count for three already, right? Now let's estimate about how much time we spend staring at those screens. It's at least eight hours at work, then another two to three hours of TV at home and countless minutes on our cell phones -- so it's safe to say we're pretty consumed. 

Whether we like it or not, staring at these screens gets in the way of what we really want to pay attention to, like the ocean on a sunny day, your friend’s faces over cocktails or maybe a new exhibit at a museum.

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I recently got the chance to unplug – to turn off all the noise around me and look at the world without distractions. It was much needed and it felt so good! Turning it all off allowed me to really focus on the world around me. Conversations were better. Rest was better. Even food tasted better. Why? Because I was giving life my all. I wasn't half listening, half resting or half eating while also checking that new text or email.

Just like we throw ourselves into our projects and give 100% to our work, we have to remember to take some time for ourselves to give our all to life and the world around us. Try it. Turn it all off! Everything -- no email, no text and, dare I say it, no Instagram. I know that this isn’t possible all the time, but those times you can make it happen are so worth it. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Stay Made!

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A graduate of Annenberg School for Communication at USC, Serena Watson holds a deep respect for the power of mass media. Serena started out at a national advertising agency in LA. No stranger to the hustle, Serena also worked double duty as the marketing coordinator for a start-up company and as a producer for an independent film. Currently she works for a major film and television studio.  Serena co-founded Made Woman with the hope of combining her interest in media and love of writing in order to create real dialogue on issues and generate positive commentary for women.

Connect with our Editor-in-Chief on Twitter: @SelfMadeMiss

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