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Letter From the Made Woman Mag Staff

Written by Serena
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A Look Into 2015   

Letter from our Editor-in-Chief, Serena Watson -- January 12, 2015

The year is just twelve days old but I already know what’s going to happen to you over the course of the remaining 353 days. Yes, I, Serena Watson, can see into your future: 2015 is all about the ying and yang for you. You will have good days and you will have bad days. That’s it… It’s that simple.

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The reality of the situation is that it doesn’t matter what happens to you day to day, during the ups and the downs. What matters is who you become as the pages of the calendar turn each day. Are you a good person, are you making real connections, are you living authentically? Instead of resolutions about working out more or keeping your closet clean, resolve to keep your character on track in 2015. Think about who you can help or ways you can grow on the personal level. 

I know we Made Women have so many professional goals and it’s easy to get caught up in the grind and lose track of our personal compass. But here’s another prediction for you: the year is going to be over before you know it. And if you don’t take some time to be better, you’ll end the year older but not a moment the wiser.

Speaking of another year older -- tomorrow is my birthday! I’m so excited to spend another year sharing love and inspiration with the Made Woman community! Let’s give 2015 everything we’ve got!

Stay Made,

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A graduate of Annenberg School for Communication at USC, Serena Watson holds a deep respect for the power of mass media. Serena started out at a national advertising agency in LA. No stranger to the hustle, Serena also worked double duty as the marketing coordinator for a start-up company and as a producer for an independent film. Currently she works for a major film and television studio.  Serena co-founded Made Woman with the hope of combining her interest in media and love of writing in order to create real dialogue on issues and generate positive commentary for women.

Connect with our Editor-in-Chief on Twitter: @SelfMadeMiss

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