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Letter From the Made Woman Mag Staff

Written by Serena
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Double Duty 

Letter from our Editor-in-Chief, Serena Watson -- October 13, 2014

If you call yourself a Made Woman, chances are you're a go-getter. You don’t just work one job, you kill it at two. You don’t just have a social life, you run your city. You aren't just a mother, you're a superhero for your family. 

Working double duty is something that we overachievers take in stride. But switching gears between competing priorities is almost like living a double life. You leave work, run to a phone booth (well, maybe your car) to change into your happy hour outfit. It's nothing for your yoga mat to be stowed in your trunk next to your grad school law books.

For me it’s a balance of family and friend time, working on my magazine and grinding at my 9-to-5 at a digital marketing agency. How do I manage it all? Prayer. And coffee. And a lot of to-do lists. I also try to do this:

        • Keep a running list of tasks on my computer and sync it with my phone. I like using Wunderlist to manage my tasks.
        • Breathe! Schedule in breaks to catch your breath and find your center during the day.
        • Don’t over do it! I’d love to attend all the events I get invited to, but sometimes I can’t squeeze it all in. As a good friend once told me, 'sometimes you have to say “No” to the good things.'
        • Talk to other Made Women. You may be a busybody, but you aren't crazy. There are other Made Women out there just like you. Women who want more to life and are willing to work hard to get it. Compare notes and see how you can encourage and motivate each other.

 Double duty is hard but it’s nothing to be afraid of. And if you do start feeling overwhelmed just remember, you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce.

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A graduate of Annenberg School for Communication at USC, Serena Watson holds a deep respect for the power of mass media. Serena started out at a national advertising agency in LA. No stranger to the hustle, Serena also worked double duty as the marketing coordinator for a start-up company and as a producer for an independent film. Currently she works for a major film and television studio.  Serena co-founded Made Woman with the hope of combining her interest in media and love of writing in order to create real dialogue on issues and generate positive commentary for women.

Connect with our Editor-in-Chief on Twitter: @SelfMadeMiss

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