Personal Finance // July 21, 2014

Credit cards. Bank statements. Rent. Mortgage. Car payment. College loans. Heck, even nights in (someone still has to pay for those fancy ingredients and that wine you love, right?!)

With all this money being thrown around it sure would be nice to find a simple way to manage it all.  Don’t worry, that smartphone in your pocket provides you with more than just an easy way to check  your Facebook during those long staff meetings.

I challenge you to put aside five minutes of your time to click through this article and then perhaps another half hour or so to dig a little deeper into the following apps to set them up for your needs. You, your finances, and your CPA will thank you for it.

You’ve probably heard the name, but do you really know what Mint can do for you? If you’re like any young professional, you most likely have three things: Income, debt, and some money you’d like to spend. Imagine being able to organize all of that in one compact user interface, for no dollars spent. Link any and all accounts (obviously for optimal benefit, we recommend linking all) such as your personal checking, savings, loans, and credit cards.  Mint will tell you who you owe and by when. It won’t pay the bills for you, but it will make it easier to maintain a realistic budget.

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Own multiple credit cards that each offers unique rewards?  It’s difficult to think on the spot which one you should be whipping out at any given time.  If you want to maximize your rewards while shopping, then is the app for you. Simply load your cards into Walla.By’s virtual wallet and the app will tell you which one to swipe --all you have to do? Just tell it where you’re shopping.  Feel free to set preferences, like telling to stop suggesting a certain card once it’s reached a certain percentage of your credit limit.

What are we Millennials good at? No...great at… No, no, FABULOUS at! You got it: Spending!  And what’s not so easy for us? Saving.  But what if every time you SPENT that hard-earned cash there was an app that automatically transferred a percentage of that purchase to your savings account? Not only would you be more likely to think before you spend, but you would also have peace-of-mind knowing that SavedPlus is doing the work for you.  How it works: You can select a percentage between 5%-20%. At the end of each week, SavedPlus will automatically transfer the accumulated amount to your linked savings account.   Scary? Maybe. Smart? Heck yes!

All right, your five minutes are up. You know what to do next.  Here’s to keeping our wallets flush with cash!

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