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Fashion | Fall Fashion Ideas For Made Men

Fashion // October 13, 2014

Autumn is my favorite season as a fashion designer and stylist for two reasons. For starters, it's not that hot on the West Coast and not too cold yet for you East Coasters. Second, you can wear a mix of casual summer pieces and winter styles and not look awkward. Running my own clothing line Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing means that I must stay on top of the latest trends. I’m just back to LA from fashion events in Las Vegas and New York so, in the interests of helping out all the Made Men out there, I’ll share the top five style tips gentlemen should have this season. 

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The Dress Boot

This is a style trend that ladies have used for years but through GQ, Esquire and all the other gentleman mags the dress boot has become more acceptable for men in the professional world. Hugo Boss, Allen Edmonds, and John Varvatos do a great dress boot, but you can find a bunch of comparable options.

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Quite frankly the skinny tie is becoming the norm and a tie is always appropriate in corporate America. But if you really want to showcase your style opt for a scarf. Ditch the tie but accent your suits and shirts with cashmere, silk and wool scarves instead. A bit of unexpected flair is sure to turn heads.


Burgundy is a color that we in the fashion world have been exploring for a while now and it seems like it is here to stay. It adds some color when you wear ties, hats and accessories but you can also wear it this season in large pieces like suits and overcoats. It’s a bold statement but definitely can be pulled of by a confident gentleman in the fall.

Layer your style.

This is not a new trend for the season but many gents just forget about it. Rather than keeping it casual on a date, rock an overcoat or a vest. Going somewhere fancy? Go for it with a three piece suit that will show how polished and grown up you are. Put in some effort to your wardrobe and layer your style this season.

Drop-crotch sweat pants

Drop-crotch has been a stylish buzzword the past few seasons and it’s definitely a cool edition to your casual wear. This is not your first date outfit, but it works for your quick run to the mall, the market or your Saturday brunch date. Add some cool sneakers, a nice T-shirt and beanie to the drop-crotch sweats and she’ll think that you stay fresh for every occasion.

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Style // September 2, 2014

If there are two things every Made Woman loves it’s travel and fashion. Now there’s one app that brings the two together: 1st Class Fashion. Designed by Cindy Nkem, co-founder and creative director, 1st Class Fashion marries the love of style with the love of travel. More than just an app, the lifestyle brand has expanded to include events and merchandise. The company is a family affair as Cindy works with her brother Dr. Collins Ezeuka, who came up with the idea while traveling over the holidays. The company grew and Cindy eventually left her job in public relations to sign on to 1st Class Fashion full time.

Made Woman Magazine is excited to be a media partner for 1st Class Fashion’s Luxe Lane event this Thursday. Get more details here and learn more about Cindy and 1st Class Fashion below!

Co-Founder of 1st Class Fashion Cindy Nkem 

Serena Watson : The idea for 1st Class Fashion is pretty unique. Can you tell me about it in your own words?
Cindy Nkem: 1st Class Fashion is a revolutionary and interactive social media platform designed to provide sartorial and travel related content to style savvy consumers around the world. Through the platform, we strive to foster luxe, in-person experiences for our online users. Fashion lovers connect online by sharing photos of their daily style, then their friends and other community members "like" the photo. At the end of each month, those who receive 300 likes or more are awarded a 1st Class round trip ticket to anywhere in the world. This unique experience is designed to empower members to showcase their style and inspire new trends, while celebrating their individuality.

SW: How do people enter?
CN: Participation in the platform is easy, just upload a photo of your daily style to our Style Cycle and get your friends, fashion community members and family to like the photo.

SW: Where are some of the places you've sent people thus far?
CN: We’ve had winners from all around the world travel to culturally rich locations like Istanbul, Ghana, Tokyo and England.

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SW: We are so looking forward to your event! What are your goals for the event and what can people expect?
CN: We’re super excited as well, and we have so many fun things in store. There will be unique vendors offering exclusively discounted merchandise, complimentary cocktails, a premier screening of our latest promotional video, sounds from LA’s finest DJ’s NoMBe and Ariel, and last but not least, the official presentation of our new 1st Class Fashion mobile app.

SW: What's next for 1st Class Fashion? Tell me about some of your other initiatives.

CN: If there’s one thing you can say about 1st Class Fashion, it’s that we’re always progressing and on the move. We’ve got a number of exciting projects in the works, including a unique and ultra luxe line of luggage, small leather goods and accessories. While this line is still in the development stage, the gorgeous materials we’ve been sourcing for the products already have us eager to see the final pieces!

Entry in 1st Class Fashion Style Cycle

SW: What has been the response from your user base?
CN: Audience reception has been extremely positive and enthusiastic about the platform, and we find those that engage with 1st Class Fashion to then become loyal followers of the brand. There is an appreciation for a company that is willing to give more in return to its users than any other photo-sharing platforms on the market.

SW: Why do you think it is important for young professionals to travel?
CN: Travel and self-discovery are important in the development of an individual. As a team of young professionals ourselves, we have each personally benefited from our international travel experiences. Our travels have taught us greater understanding of different cultures and points of view, which in turn have made us better real-world communicators and listeners.

@AvantBlargh Winner From Current 1st Class Fashion Style Cycle

SW: How long did it take to develop your app?
CN: The entire process has been a labor of love. We’ve gone through numerous iterations and design schemes over the past eight months or so, and started putting the technical development gears in motion about two months ago. The app is currently going through Beta testing to be ready very soon for our 1st Class Fashion members who are always on the go! Look for it in the iTunes app store on September 5th!

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Style // July 7, 2014

Summer has arrived! It’s time to get our pedicures done and update our shoe game in preparation for a long, hot summer. An amazing shoe can instantly give your outfit extra dimensions, changing you from drab to fab!

Summer shoes are typically more comfortable because people are usually more active this time of year; out enjoying the nicer weather. But comfort does not have to translate to boring. Click through the next few pages and check out a few summer shoe options that are sure to become staples in your wardrobe.

Flat Sandals and Sneakers

Flat sandals and sneakers are the ideal shoes for summer because they are practical yet stylish.  They can be worn to a day at the park, shopping with the girls or even to a music festival. From gladiators to Chucks and everything in between, you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits your personality while providing the comfort you need for amazing days and long nights.


Wedges can be worn from work to drinks after five. They provide the comfort of a flat and the height of a stiletto. These shoes are great for days when you want to wear heels but also want the ability to walk with ease.


Do Stiletto’s ever go out of style? Stilettos are timeless and can be worn in any season so this summer, focus on ankle straps, vibrant colors and bold prints.


These braided beauties have made a comeback! From flats to wedges, solids to stripes, animal print to florals, you’ll definitely be able to find a pair that suits your style.

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Fashion // June 16, 2014

As a personal stylist, clients often ask me what my budget is for updating my wardrobe. Honestly, not much. And I don’t shop for myself very often. Why? Because I have a closet full of clothes I love. I wear everything in my closet and am constantly clearing it out as I find pieces that have either lived a good life or just aren’t me anymore.

As you evolve as a person, so does your style. Your style is an outward reflection of your inner self. I usually buy pieces one at a time as I realize a need or a strong desire and I already have a few outfit ideas for the new piece. If you’re going on a shopping spree with a friend and impulsively buying new pieces, I guarantee you are wasting money on your wardrobe. How many items in your closet still have the price tags on? Why aren’t you wearing them? What is holding you back?

There are two possible scenarios:
1)    You were drawn to a piece for its color/print/style, but you just don’t know how to create an outfit around it. All you need are the right tools and an expert to guide you.
2)    You were forcing it to work because you were trying to fit a trend or a mold. It doesn’t fit quite right and/or the print/color are a bit off.

During a style session with a client, often some of my favorite finds and the most exciting new outfits are created with the pieces from scenario one. Figuring out what works is even more fun because it’s the first step for a client to evolve and define her style. She sees herself more clearly.
Now, how to stop wasting money on your wardrobe:

  • Assess The Situation. Ask yourself what do you have versus what is missing? This is the number one way U*styled helps clients – literally merchandising your closet so that it starts to feel like shopping in the best boutique each morning.
  • Create A Wardrobe you Love Action Plan (WYLAP). Create a list of items that would really maximize your wardrobe and allow for lots of fun mixing + matching. Prioritize that list. Identify designers and stores that will have great options for you in your price point.
  • Set A Budget. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give yourself a monthly clothing allowance and start checking off your WYLAP list every month or every other month.
  • Stop Buying In Bulk. Aim for 3-5 new items with each shopping trip. Even with Boutique Box, we are mindful of the client’s budget and needs. To maximize value, we’ll go up to eight items or so, but that is with expert help. Pace yourself. You have a lifetime to build a wardrobe you love.

Have you already created a WYLAP? I would love to know what is next on your shopping list! Leave me a comment below.

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Current | LA Fashion Week Review

Current // March 10, 2014

Remember last October when I was invited to LA Style Fashion Week? Well, they must have liked me, because I was invited to attend again and get a sneak peak into what will be the hottest trends for fall/winter ‘14. Once again, the LA Live Event Deck was packed with people all in attendance to celebrate the collections of the some of the biggest and brightest designers in fashion... and once again, your girl was in the building.

Style Fashion Week

The marketplace area is loud and bustling with media, stylists and spectators chatting before the start of the shows. Even though it was all pretty similar to last year’s setup, this year’s opening ceremony did offer something a little different. Instead of just hosting fashion, there was also a silent auction with the proceeds going to support the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. I thought it was really cool for the event to not be one dimensional and only focus on the world of fashion. After shaking a few hands and taking a couple pictures, my tour of the marketplace was coming to an end and I was ready to get inside the runway rooms to see some fashion.

LA Style Fashion Week

Before the show began, the Co-Founder and President of Style Fashion Week, Veronica Welch was joined by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti to come out and say a few words. They were both extremely supportive of designers, media, models and everyone in between who gives their time to make these collections come together. Their encouraging words were the perfect upbeat tone that that the night needed before we dove head-first into fashion.

LA Style Fashion Week

The first show of the evening was from fashion powerhouse, Ina Soltani -- welcomed back this year to display her fabulous 2014 collection. Her clientele includes celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and more, all donning her designs. Her fall/winter collection was FIERCE. Black leather ruled the runway. Her style is best described as classic with a twist. She sticks to simple lines, but plays with texture; maybe adding a cut-out, pop of color or other accent to make her designs unique. This collection’s “rocker chic” accent was having her models walk the runway with leather crowns - how cool! Fall/winter fashion tends to be more muted with neutral, black and white color schemes, but Ina Soltani has found a way to make it edgy and I’m here for it!

Trend Alert: Leather will be big for fall, but when dressing for the season, try to find a way to mix bad ass leather with other feminine pieces. Add a peplum top to your leather leggings or pair a lace blouse under your leather jacket for a different feel.

LA Style Fashion Week

The second and final show of the night was from Tatyana Khomyakova. Tatyana presented her own collection, Designs by Tatyana, as well as her collaboration with  one of my favorite designers, Bettie Page. I LOVE this retro style of fashion. I like how even though it’s a vintage style, a modern woman can still wear it and make it feel fresh and new. The Tatyana collection was feminine, colorful and all about accessories as the models strutted down the runway with purses, gloves and hats - so chic! Tatyana’s collection challenges the thought that you can’t be bold during the fall/winter season with your fashion and I love that she incorporates color and patterns even though the season calls for more toned down styles.

LA Fashion Week

Trend Alert: A black pencil skirts is a pin-up girl staple, but for the upcoming season, make it new by playing with color and adding a skinny belt. Also, consider adding satin gloves into your fall fashion wardrobe for a modern perspective on a vintage style.

LA Fashion Week’s Opening Ceremony was everything I thought it would be and I wasn’t disappointed. I had a blast mixing and mingling with everyone and I’m so glad I got to  jump start my week with fashion.

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Fashion | Essential Items For Spring

Fashion // March 10, 2014

Spring will be here before we know it and I can’t think of a better reason to update my wardrobe with a few key pieces. This season is all about metallic, full shirts, leather, wide leg pants, suit shorts and so much more. As with all trends, you want to make sure you are styling yourself according to your body type. Here are a few ideas on how to rock the latest spring trends and pull off a flawless look.


Florals are no longer exclusively for your grandmother’s frumpy antique prints. From romantic lace, feminine flowers and bold prints, florals are making a statement this season. If you’re not keen on a head to toe floral look, try mixing a flirty full skirt with a solid top or a midi floral top with a solid high waist skirt.

Block heels

Make room stilettos, the block heel has made an appearance. Adding inches without sacrificing comfort, the block heel will be the obsession this spring. The block heel, which was once known as the “old lady” heel, has now evolved into something sleek and stylish. Try this style in sandals, pumps or even flats.

Cat eye makeup

This vintage makeup has reappeared on runways this season. The cat eye is a very versatile makeup look and can be worn with a more casual ponytail or more glammed up look with a high-textured curled look or bone straight hair. This look also affords you the opportunity to go crazy with an over-the-top lid and lip without looking clown-like.

Crop Top

Crop tops will be all the rage this season. Not only does it provide the perfect excuse to hit the gym, but it also allows you to show a bit of skin in an edgy, fashionable way. You can mix and match a crop top with a high waist skirt or jeans or let it all hang out with a maxi or full skirt, shorts or jeans for a great weekend look.

Graphic Prints

Stripes, swirls and dots, oh my! Daring prints are all over the runway this season. Fashion should be fun, so be courageous and mix and match patterns for an outrageously fabulous look. Mixing polka dots and stripes, colossal and mini print or geometric and retro shapes will be one sure way to achieve an eye-popping visual.


Donning light, floaty, transparent sheer fabric provides a bit of added sex appeal. The sheer look can be extra sexy, played up for a more casual look or be ultra punk. Be careful to not go too sheer as too much of a good thing can be awful; it’s quite easy to go from classy to trashy with this trend.

What are some of the trends you like for spring? Let us know in the comments!

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Beauty | Nail Looks For Spring

Beauty // February 24, 2014

If you're in LA, it's getting warmer and you can feel spring coming your way. If you're not in LA... Well, we're sorry. Either way, spring is coming and it's time to update your nail game.  We asked our staff to share their picks for nail colors. Check out these great nail looks for spring!

French Tip 2.0

I love a French manicure! It's the perfect nail look for every occasion, but I'm down to mix it up for spring! Instead of the traditional style, I could totally see myself rocking the multicolored tips. I love the pastels and how it's just the right amount of color without being overbearing. - Jasmin

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A Little Bit Of Color

This nail look is so cute to me! It's a softer color, but it still adds a bit of a pop. It's somewhere between a power blue and a turquoise, which I think would look good on brown skin. I think it's fresh and clean for spring. :) - Serena

Connect The Dots

These nails have been “spotted” on several of the models from New York Fashion Week. The dotted look is fun, cute, and easy to do yourself! Expect to see much more of this style come Spring, with bright colors and Easter pastels. - Ava

Pink & Gold

These nails are so pretty! After months of winter, it's exciting to get to wear bright pink, and the gold glitter really makes them pop. - Jillian

Two Tone

This is a fresh, fun take on the classic french manicure. This color duo is chic yet playful, but different combos will deliver different levels of intensity. I love that it's simple enough to do at home! - Lindsey

Union Jack

I love this Union Jack French. With the Olympics going on, it's fun to show some national pride on your nails.  - Beth


I like a little bit of a design on my nails when I'm feelin' funky. Not something over the top, with chains and jewels hanging down but I do like a bit of creativity. Hey! Your nail bed is your canvas! This look is cute but not too much for work. - Serena

Shine Bright

I LOVE coral! It's one of those universal colors that looks good on every skin tone and it's fun! I typically keep it as a mainstay for my pedicures during the warmer months, but I know it would look just as fabulous on my hands.  - Jasmin

Egg Hunt

I love this look! The classic light pink works on several different skin tones and the girly nail art is subtle enough to wear at the office. It kind of reminds me of an Easter egg -- perfect for spring! - Lindsey

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Style // January 13, 2014

In dating, as in life, how you show up speaks volumes before you even get the chance to share how witty, smart and accomplished you are already.  So, you have to show up as the best version of you. How can your potential partner connect with you if you aren’t feeling like your most beautiful, confident self?

We may be talking dating and attraction and style here, but the first step for attracting your ideal guy is all about YOU. Your hopes, dreams, career ambitions, lifestyle wants, values, etc. You want a guy (or gal) who complements you, your goals and your lifestyle. Maybe they push you a bit outside of your comfort zone, but in a way that helps you grow.

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Style is not about frivolity. Great style means creating an outer presentation that reflects the inner you. So be clear on your values and WHO you are before you even start to incorporate the following hints and tips to put a little extra polish on your look.

Wear Color

Color influences your mood as well as how other people perceive you. How many times do you get complimented when you’re wearing your favorite hue?

People notice color. Especially in a sea of boring black and white.

Your favorite color actually speaks volumes about your personality. My website has a great, yet quick summary of the meaning of each shade.

Flattering Fit

This is the number one mistake women make. Either their clothes are too big or too tight. Neither is good. Usually, women who want to hide are wearing clothes that are too big so they don’t show their body. Well instead, you’re making yourself look bigger than you are! You want clothes to skim your body and show your shape. You shouldn’t have to tug at a dress to keep it in place, nor should it bunch up in a funny way because it’s too tight.

An easy go-to look if you want to cover a bit, but still look alluring? Skinny jeans + heels + flowing blouse + sexy accessories.

Now when I say flowing, I mean something that really flows. Not a potato sack. You should be able to see your waist and shape, but be forgiving.

Accentuate the Positive

If you’ve got a great bum, rock it by wearing blouses that hit at the hip bone. If you’ve got a great rack, flaunt it (tastefully)! If you’ve got strong legs or arms, show them off!

Dress to accentuate your assets. Every woman’s body is different and there is someone to love every body type. So stop trying to have the tiniest waist or the smallest thighs. Your body is perfect just as it is, to that perfect person. So, work it!

Wear skirts if your legs are your assets. If you’ve got killer curves, focus on fitted outfits that define your waist.


If you’ve got some rock n’ roll in you, let it rock. If you’re the girl who could spend a whole day reading, own your nerdy. If Saturday morning golf sounds perfect, then you may have a bit of prep in your style. Maybe you’ve got a blend of preppy-rock-nerd that is uniquely YOU.

The bottom line is that you can’t try to dress like anyone else. You can go outside of your comfort zone to grow to the next level in style, but do not go out of your comfort zone for the sake of a trend. You have to be you. Bring out the best version of yourself by wearing color, clothes that fit and adding a bit of personality to your style.

You can take these tips and apply them to dating, speaking on stage, showing up for work and in your everyday casual life.  Your personal style should translate across all of these different lifestyle needs. If you’re being true to you, your style can attract more than just love.

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Style // December 30, 2013

If you’re reading this, odds are you are part of a very fortunate bunch. You obviously have access to a computer, the Internet, have a few leisurely moments, and are blessed with eyesight. I think many Made Women (myself included) can sometimes take for granted all the good fortune we experience day-to-day.

I was truly inspired when I spoke with a woman whose mission is to change the fortune of those who need it most. Azie Tesfai has traveled the world and sourced the most precious materials to raise awareness and share the stories of those in other cultures. Her company, Fortuned Culture, sells beautiful jewelry and allocates a percentage of the proceeds to charity. Her specialty is highlighting the tales of those who have had terrible experiences and turned them around into life-changing forces.

Made Woman Magazine: Tell me about your background and growing up, and how that led to Fortuned Culture.

Azie Tesfai: What shaped me the most was growing up in L.A. and going back and forth to visit family in Eritrea and Ethiopia. It was an extreme perspective. I knew I was lucky to be raised in the U.S. and that I needed to use that good fortune to help those where I am from. So when an opportunity came to fundraise, I took it. Traveling all over Europe, Africa and the U.S. was the perfect storm of culture, creative passion and good fortune growing up. It exposed me to several precious elements that could be used to help raise funds. These precious metals and stones were important to the culture they came from and I wanted to use them to give back to those people.

MWM: How does the media negatively portray the place your parents were raised in? Conversely, how can the media help causes like yours?

AT: My parents are Eritrean (the country to the North of Ethiopa that gained its independence in the 1990s). Growing up, I would get stereotyped as one of those African children you see on infomercials. But really, these parts of Africa are so beautiful. I didn’t stand up for myself and explain the natural resources and beauty of my homeland. When I got into photography, I got into showing how happy people were with a lot less. I would take pictures when I returned to Africa for a visit. I would see fifteen children with one run-down soccer ball, and you’d never see happier children. The things they valued were family, love, basic goodness and morals. 

Amazing companies are starting to give back, and media is helping those companies. Ryot offers news plus a solution, which is a really cool concept. We always hear about death and negative headline-grabbing stories that don’t have any resolve. I like presenting the news in a way that is effective. I grew up watching the BBC News. The local news just scares you. But everything is changing. Twitter allows for a means to rally and come together; the younger generation will change the way the media sees people. You can’t falsely advertise countries and people through skewed angles in the paper. People will have to tell the truth more.

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MWM: Why jewelry?

AT: In Ethiopian or most African cultures, jewelry has deep meaning. Ethiopian gold has been passed down throughout many generations. It’s extremely personal and possesses great meaning. I like to wear one piece very simply instead of wearing a ton of jewelry. I’ve always made jewelry, especially for events and weddings. Around the time friends asked for jewelry I came to know the Fregenet Foundation, whose meal program got cut. People who are hungry can’t learn. Slowly I realized that I could sell jewelry and add the cost of a meal. Lots of my friends were into quotes and affirmations via social media, so I decided to incorporate these into my jewelry. The “Health” bracelet, for example, is really personal to what they are giving. They know they are giving help to someone else in need and it ended up selling well. So I did a “Love” one benefiting teachers and a “Wisdom” one as well. I wanted there to be meaning for something lacking and a connection between the person buying and the donation. I wanted to make each piece with materials that highlighted the beauty of that culture.

MWM: Tell us about the work you’re doing in Mexico.

AT: My goal is to have a huge row of countries to click on for each charity on our website. I really want to advertise with the best charities, the ones who are giving the highest percentage. I met with the founder of an orphanage in Mexico before, and she is an orphan herself. There are over 800 children now she takes care of, so they have basic needs for things like diapers and books. She is just one person, but I fell in love with her story. Before I design I go down and see the place our jewelry will benefit. I spend my days seeing orphanages. Most have children who just want to be held. I created a necklace inspired by one girl in particular named Lupita. There’s a handwritten note from her inside the necklace. This young girl is so positive and optimistic about life. She and her brother were abandoned by their mother at the orphanage without any papers, so they didn’t know anything about themselves and couldn’t get medical treatment or go to school. The orphanage got them papers and Lupita got to pick out her birthday. She got to create her life and her own destiny as well as that of her brother’s. She looks at the situation in such a better light. She just wants to do well in school and help her brother. So the necklace says “Rebirth” in Spanish on it with a prayer inside. Lupita was so excited to help be part of this necklace’s creation.

MWM: What’s your advice to other women looking to start a similar organization?

AT: Go with your passion. Anything done right will take a lot of work. Helping anyone in a dire situation requires passion. I don’t know how people have companies that don’t give back.

MWM: Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?

AT: I like the Ethiopian cross because I grew up seeing it. They are modern but have an old tradition. The rebirth necklace for Lupita in Mexcio is a little piece of art.

MWM: How can others help?

AT: On our website, there’s a link to the charities we work with, so you can always volunteer. Volunteering is so gratifying. Each piece of jewelry we make does something good for someone else, so buy some for the holidays. Wear these pieces proudly, because each one is a representation of the kids they help.

MWM: Tell us about your partnership with Tom’s.

AT: We are excited to be on the new Tom’s marketplace, opened November 5, 2013. It’s been so inspiring and has caused many people to intern and want to help. Fortuned Culture was even the first item to sell on the Marketplace. We talked about Fortuned Culture to Toms employees. Toms is the biggest socially-conscious brand, so we wanted to incorporate its logo in the Toms blue bracelet, which helps children to go to school. The collaboration was a long process that involved exchanging information back and forth about our company and work ethics. We were so happy Toms approached us. We can now make cooler pieces because we have a buyer and a larger audience. New pieces will be added throughout the year, too. The marketplace has been a really amazing and inspiring experience that has pushed us to do more on another level and reminds us that we aren’t doing this alone. There have been billboards in New York, commercials and lots of magazine features resulting from the Marketplace. Jessica Alba even selected one of our bracelets for her holiday picks. We will probably even have some Black Friday deals. This is bigger than us, and will hopefully change how we shop.

If you’d like to change how you shop, while changing the world, visit Fortuned Culture and make a difference this holiday season.

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Fashion | 5 Fabulous Fashion Bloggers

Fashion // December 15, 2013

Remember the old days when you would pick up your favorite glossy magazine and flip through the pages to see the fashion editorials? Or when you would head to the mall to see new items on the shelves and perhaps glean some fashion inspiration from the displays and mannequins? It seems nowadays bloggers have changed the styling game … maybe even for good. With one click you can see the new season’s looks modeled on your favorite fashion editor/blogger, styled with accessories to boot, get an honest review, and shop the look. I openly admit, I have purchased quite a few items because my favorite fashion blogger wore them. If you’re looking for a daily dose of glamour, outfit ideas for the week, or if you are curious how the latest trends will look on, bookmark these fashion bloggers.

1. Atlantic-Pacific

Who/What: Blair Eadie fits my definition of a lady. Her style is classic and elegant, a mix of East Coast refinery and West Coast relaxation (which is why her blog is called Atlantic Pacific). She is not afraid to wear tulle with flannel, layer her rings and bracelets, nor does she shy away from full skirts in bright colors. Eadie blogs almost daily and also makes mention of her red lipstick choices, nail color, and sometimes produces multiple outfit snaps in one post. There is no text save for the shopping links. This blog is pure fashion heaven.

Where You’ve Seen Her: Eadie has partnered with the BaubleBar, done styling for Target’s lookbook, works for Tory Burch, has done shoots for Shopbop, BHLDN, and Tibi, and is a Who What Wear blogger.

Favorite Looks:

2. This is Glamorous

Who/What: This is Glamorous has a little bit of everything from food to décor and travel, but their fashion posts are definitely what drew me to the blog. This site is especially great for curated posts on fashion icons, runway coverage, and introducing you to new designers. The tone of this blog is definitely romantic, and you are sure to fall in love daily with every post.

Where You’ve Seen it: Named as one of the 50 greatest design blogs in the world by the London Times, there is hardly a magazine that hasn’t profiled this site.

Favorite Posts:

3. Sea of Shoes

Who/What: Blogger Jane Aldridge is young, and already she has been a media darling since she started her blog at 15. One of the original fashion bloggers, Aldridge made her domain popular due to her love of vintage and footwear. I love this redhead’s eclectic mix of thrift store finds including couture and oodles of vintage jewelry. This Texan is a fashion risk taker who is sure to have a voice in fashion for years to come.

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Where You’ve Seen Her: Aldridge has made several in-store appearances, partnered with ShoeMint, Urban Outfitters, and her blog has caught the attention of Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld who are fans.

Favorite Posts:

4. Paper Fashion

Who/What: The greatest fashion designs begin with a sketch. Illustrator Katie Rodgers sketches and paints her renditions of bloggers, runway shows, and beautiful looks on her blog that is as much about art as it is about fashion. She makes several of her images come to life with GIFs and glitter; it’s a fashion blog all on paper.

Where You’ve Seen Her: Rodgers has created a calendar and has been commissioned by Kate Spade, Valentino, Coach, Alicia Keys, and Stuart Weitzman.

Favorite Posts:

5. Glitter N Glue

Who/What: Kristen Turner is one of the most creative fashionistas out there. She has an eye for sophisticated style and uses that to DIY her way into couture-looking creations. Glitter ‘N Glue proves that you don’t need a big budget to rock the latest looks.

Where You’ve Seen Her: She’s the style contributor for the Today Show online,  partnered with Tom’s, Sperry Top-Sider, and has contributed her DIYs to E! and the Zoe Report (Rachel Zoe’s newsletter).

Favorite Posts:

Add the above to your blogroll, and take a few minutes a day to relax and enjoy their posts like you would a good fashion article. Browsing a blog is free and the voices behind the posts can be more relatable than a supermodel in a fashion spread. For fashion with a personal touch, tune in to the ladies above.

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers? Tell us in the comments below.

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