Entrepreneurship // September 15, 2014

When it comes to developing your professional website to help sell your product or service what's your first natural reaction? Let me guess: overwhelm! I get it.

You have so much value to offer and your job is to distill your greatness and share it online for people to understand in three seconds or less (yup, that’s the average time a person spends on your homepage).

You and I both understand that's not always the easiest task.

Today I'm going to share with you a little secret sauce to selling online (not to be confused with the secret recipe for your Aunt's questionable barbecue sauce). Three pages on your website will help you build relationships and turn online lookers into buyers.

Are you ready for them? Drum roll please.

The three pages are: the homepage (obviously), about page and sales page.

Those three pages are the best place to share your brand personality and get somebody to click the buy button or join your list. They point the reader to the most important things you have to offer and each page can be underpinned with elegant marketing strategies that make an emotional connection with your reader.

Let's break down those three pages, shall we?

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  • At the top start with the bomb.com logo and a tagline that reveals the results you can get for your reader.
  • Next are lovely photos that let your brand personality sparkle.
  • Do not forget your email list opt-in with a killer offer (if you’re not sure what this is all about then we should definitely talk).
  • On the right side bar you can have several button offerings: include a free offer that will entice someone into your sales funnel, a brief synopsis of what you offer and results you will get them and below that can be your best and brightest resources. Don’t forget to add any flagship programs that you offer.
  • Sprinkle in some social proof with client reviews or media badge mentions.
  • And remember the footer can include another list opt-in offer.

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About Page:

  • Tell your story and why you are in business paired with results you can get for your client.
  • Insert stunning images that let your brand personality shine.
  • Include your credentials and tell stories about your career journey.
  • Describe how you will leave the reader in better shape than you found them.
  • Include a banner for your list opt-in.
  • The same list opt-in footer can be included from the homepage.

Sales Page:

  • Paint a picture for the reader of what it would be like to work with you.
  • Include your package prices and give each package names that match your overall brand messaging. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun or playful when coming up with the names.
  • Your A La Carte products should be priced to build value into your packages.
  • Do not forget to compose any guarantees and your refund policy.
  • Make it easy for them to reach out to you with a form or your email address.

Phew— can you feel that? We just created the framework for three of the most important pages on your website.

Obviously, adding even more pages later on is fantastic, but in the beginning it helps to have high standards for those three pages before you roll out the rest.

Now I would like to hear how you plan on tackling your website tasks. Exactly what are the most important pages to you? Post them in the comments below.

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