April 9, 2012

Beauty and brains…. Check and check for Misa Chien. This wonder woman manages to run her--let's count them--two businesses while maintaining a national modeling career.  A UCLA graduate, Misa started her ‘launch business,' Miss Misa, out of her sophomore dorm room. Miss Misa is an online jewelry store that offers unique and delicately beautiful jewelry. While most people would stop at one self-owned and -operated business, Misa started Miss Misa only to gain knowledge on how to run a business on a larger scale.

This knowledge served her well during the launch of her second business, the Nom Nom Truck, a mobile food truck that serves Vietnamese-inspired dishes. Misa co-founded this business with her business partner, Jennifer Green, in September 2009.  Their specialty is Banh Mi sandwiches, a fusion of veggies and sweet honey glazed pork on a Vietnamese French baguette. Misa and her team take pride in their healthy food, made with local ingredients and eco-friendly products. She says, “We look at each sandwich we serve as serving a piece of happiness.”

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If you live in Los Angeles, you may have spotted this delicious moving vehicle downtown or by UCLA.  The popularity of the company has grown and they are now operating in both LA and San Francisco, serving hundreds of people a day. The company even has over 24,000 Twitter followers. Misa was also featured on a season of The Great Food Truck Race, where she battled other food truck owners to win a prize. So you can add reality TV star to her list of accomplishments.

While The Nom Nom Truck has become more recognizable and profitable, for Misa it is a constant learning experience. She says that the food handling industry is challenging because of the various regulations and low profit margins. Misa also finds that it is sometimes difficult managing employees, especially as a woman. All that aside, the Nom Nom Truck is by far her favorite venture to run.

Wait, I’m running out of room and I haven't even talked about Misa’s modeling career! You may have seen this beauty in ads for Target, Mary Kay, Abercrombie, or Sketchers. Misa was originally scouted for modeling (this means that she is incredibly hawt) and has been modeling since her junior year of college. How does she do it all? I have no idea. But Misa says that balance is key and that she wouldn’t survive without her Blackberry.  Her advice to other entrepreneurs? “Keep a level head and don’t let one aspect take up too much time." Words from a wonder woman… I’d listen. 

Follow the Nom Nom truck here: http://nomnomtruck.com

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