July 30, 2012

You’re a businesswoman with a hectic schedule -- and we can relate.  Heck, we’re willing to bet you’re reading this very article on your phone or tablet right now as you take a quick lunch break or wait for your conference room to be available.

You’ve got things to do, and preferably, those things can get done while you’re in motion (ie: Not always at your desk).  Feel like there’s surely some apps, sites, or programs you may be missing out on that could make that busy life of yours more manageable?  Enter: Made Woman!  Let our list be your guide on the path to a more organized, less stressed lifestyle.

1. Prosper

Literally. You have a business idea, but do you have the capital?  Prosper aims to help your search.  A peer lending service which brings individual lenders and small business borrowers together, each loanee creates a profile, describes what the loan will be used for, and what interest rate they are able to pay.  Lenders, on the other hand, let it known how much they can offer, at what rates, and who they want to offer sums to.  Which means your loan can come from multiple lenders or a single person.  If you’re an entrepreneur looking for alternative financing, you may have just found your answer.

Learn More: http://www.prosper.com/

2. NetworthIQ

A handy site that will assist you in keeping track of both your company’s finances and personal net worth.  And are you known to have a competitive edge? Then you’ll love the fun feature that lets you compare your income to other entrepreneurs of your same age or in your same industry.  Success is relative, is it not?

Learn More: https://www.networthiq.com/

3. Evernote

Chances are you’ve heard of this popular app by now. But do you really know how to maximize its features beyond simply jotting down reminders? (Not that those reminders aren’t extremely handy!) For instance, have you used the Skitch tool? Skitch lets you quickly sketch out an idea such things like arrows and notes to photos, maps, and screenshots.  Or what about EchoSign feature?  Electronically sign documents and keep them in your Evernot account. We especially like CallNote.  How many times per day do you find yourself on Skype calls?  CallNote will record your conversation for you and put the recording in Evernote.  You can even record group calls!

Learn More: http://evernote.com/

4. 37signals

Who doesn’t like team bonding over a “campfire?”  37signals has a range of tools for team collaboration and productivity.   Use Campfire for group chat, Basecamp for collaboration and project management, and Backpack for organization.  Campfire is by far the most useful, offering password-protected chat rooms to which you can invite clients, vendors, and employees.  Need a secure place to conduct negotiations? Campfire will give it to you.

Learn More: http://37signals.com/

We hope this list gives you a leg up to becoming a Made Woman.  Time to go out and conquer the world -- is it not?

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