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Business | Avoiding Office Blunders

August 27, 2012

There are certain protocols all employees must follow while working in the office. The basics, such as, “business attire at all times, with the exception of casual Fridays,” are burned into the memory of all cubical dwellers. But what about those “unspoken rules”? You know, those rules that some co-workers never seem to grasp? In efforts to save us all from a major fall-out, we here at Made Woman would like to take this opportunity to enumerate some of the biggest office blunders:

1) Talking too much, too early in the morning. Excessive talking and office gossip is never desirable, as it prevents people from getting their work done and does wonders at pissing off your boss. And it is particularly annoying early in the morning. Most of us have probably experienced the one co-worker who doesn’t even allow you to pour yourself a cup of community coffee before they are bombarding you with information and stories that you are too groggy to even listen to. In short, A.M. silence is golden.

2) Never contributing to the office kitchen. You know all those miniature coffee creamers, Equal, and utensils? Someone bought them and brought them to the office. Or that box of donuts you discovered the same morning you woke up late with no time to eat breakfast? Someone bought those too. Try not to be the co-worker who never brings anything to the office kitchen, especially if you are using the supplies. Bake a batch of muffins, or pick up some bagels on your way in. Sharing is caring. 

3) Playing your music too loud. If you are lucky enough to have a boss who does not mind you grooving to Pandora during the work day, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be the co-worker who assumes that everyone loves Norah Jones as much as you do. If you have to bump your Mary J. Blige CD from 1992 on repeat all day, please purchase some headphones first.  

4) Spilling your personal business. We get it, you had a great weekend that culminated in the greatest sex you have had in months. But is this really something you should loudly share with your co-worker as you exchange file folders with pertinent company information? Save the girl talk for lunchtime or happy hour.

5) Making long (detailed) personal phone calls. Sometimes, things happen during the day and you get the burning desire to call and tell someone about it. Or perhaps your latest boo is giving you a midday call and you can’t resist answering. Don’t be the person in the office who allows everyone to overhear a conversation they should not having during the workday anyway. Utilize that email or text messaging, girl! (You’re probably paying a boatload for it).

We know office blunders happen, but let’s all try to not make them bad habits. Have a great workday, Made Women!

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